New Years Eve, Alaska show, Spring KISS Tour

Whenever he'd been asked in the past how he'd like to spend the millennial New Year's Eve, Gene Simmons always replied that he wanted to be on stage with KISS. And that's where he'll be at midnight on December 31, ringing in 2000 at the BC Place Arena in Vancouver, Canada.

"We're going to do some songs that ACE and PETER never played, '80s stuff," he says, naming "Heaven's on Fire" and "I Love it Loud" as possibilities. So are Revenge tunes: "We're fooling around with 'Domino,' 'Take it Off,' and 'Unholy.'"

No opening act has been announced, but "last minute we'll probably add a Canadian band, maybe Big Wreck." The show will be recorded, but won't necessarily be the only concert used on the Alive IV album--other future concerts will be recorded as well.

So far, KISS is planning to play Anchorage, Alaska on January 2, for the first time since 1974. Then, after a break, the band will launch a tour in the spring. "The first 30 dates are penciled in. We're planning at least 60, starting in the States," says Simmons, who isn't calling it a farewell tour. Whether it turns out to be that "depends on Ace and Peter. If they want it to go longer, it won't be. And if they don't, it will." -- Metal Edge