NYE KISS Show Openers: Nickleback, Lit & Big Wreck

From: Sean Cowie

Paul Hagensen, a spokesperson for Universal Concerts, just announced that Nickleback will open (local Vancouver band), Lit will be second and Big Wreck will be on before KISS. Lit has a hit song out called My Own Worst Enemey. Big Wreck is Canadian and are a cool rock band with a few singles under their belt from their '97 album. Overall, this is a pretty weak line-up based on what was built up for so long. I mean no disrespect to the bands but it took them a month to sign these?! Outside of western Canada, no one has heard of Nickleback, Big Wreck's audience is solely Canadian and Lit is still unknown for all intensive purposes.

I have heard all of the band's CD's and they are all strong releases but this is a BIG letdown after all the hoopla about a HUGE band. According to Hagensen, the problems were situated in the fact that bands either wanted too much money or didn't want to commit to anything for New Year's Eve.

The sound modifications were briefly outlined as "BIG." Features of the show will include 100-foot catwalks, a pulley system for Love Gun, 40-foot inflatables of the band beside the stage. Beer and wine only will be sold at the venue. The show has a wrap-up time of 1:30 AM so we won't be booted out at 12:01. Also mentioned was that Alive IV audio and video WILL be recorded on New Year's Eve.