Spotlight: Rock vets break out of '80s mold

ARTIST: Union.

TITLE: The Blue Room.

LABEL: Spitfire Records.

You get that kind of tie-dyed feeling with the latest release from Union, "The Blue Room." It's classic rock the way it should be. While ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick and ex-Motley Crue singer John Corabi might come from a glam heavy metal background, paired together they've created some soulful and melodic tracks with just a sprinkling of the '80s metal that influenced them.

Mixing everything from hard rock, blues and psychedelic, the album takes you on a trip through the last 30 years of rock. The tone of the guitars is amazing and Corabi's voice is raspy and bluesy but still gives the impression he can sing with a vibrato if he wants to.

A highlight is "Dear Friend," featuring a rare lead vocal from Kulick. The song pays respect to his deceased bandmate from KISS, Eric Carr. The lyrics from "Shine" touch on school shootings and helps show that Union members can shed their past and put out something that is truly from the heart.

- By Gerard O'Leary, Associated Press.