KISS Immortals "Webisodes" Coming To Entertaindom

From: Warner Bros. Online

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Entertaindom, the online entertainment destination from Time Warner Digital Media , announced that it has exercised its option with Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Inc. to add 15 additional new 5-8 minute ``Webisodes'' for the 3-D animated Multipath Adventures of ``Superman.'' This extends the first season of 'Superman' on Entertaindom to a full 30 Webisode commitment. The Superman adventure series is one of the anchor programs of Entertaindom which premiered on the Internet at ( on November 29, 1999.

Entertaindom has also agreed to give distribution to Brilliant Digital's new 3-D animated series based on the character "Xena: Warrior Princess," plus eight Webisodes of a new series entitled "KISS Immortals" (using original KISS music and voices), to be produced in conjunction with the legendary band's 2000 KISS-Immortals concert tour. To accommodate the additional shows, Entertaindom will be launching a new Multipath Channel within its online entertainment complex. The Brilliant Digital Multipath Movies feature full screen, full motion, real-time 3-D interactive animation produced using Brilliant Digital's B3D Studio tool set and efficient Internet delivery format. Brilliant's technology allows the creation of complex animation which can be easily accessed on the Internet via streaming media. By utilizing B3D, and its complementary Digital Projector, viewers can easily and quickly enjoy the most sophisticated story telling and 3-D rendering engine available via the Internet today.

"When we saw the quality of the animation Brilliant Digital delivered on 'Superman' and the show's popularity on our site, we realized that a new technology and storytelling benchmark had been established on the Internet,'' said Jim Moloshok, the chief executive responsible for Entertaindom. "'Superman' contains all of the excitement, pacing and special effects that until now had only been experienced in broadcast media or feature films. As a result of marketplace feedback, we are increasing our commitment to our own 'Superman' series and giving increased distribution and promotion to the BDE produced KISS and 'Xena' Internet series.'' The initial order of 15 Superman Webisodes was produced for Entertaindom's debut, with new Webisodes being debuted each week.

The newly ordered Webisodes will premiere on Entertaindom beginning in the first half of 2000. The "Multipath Movie Channel" will ultimately feature at least five Multipath series produced by Brilliant Digital. Brilliant Digital president, Kevin Bermeister, commented, "Entertaindom provides us with extremely high visibility for our proprietary full-screen Internet-delivered animation technology, content and in-house productions capabilities. Through distribution relationships we intend to establish large-scale visibility and traffic to our content and to build revenue from the massive growth expected in advertising, e-commerce and promotional expenditure on the web."