KNAC.COM Gets A Great Big KISS

KISS Signs On As Official KNAC.COM Spokesmen.

KISS founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley continue to rock n' roll all night and party every day by becoming the official spokesmen for KNAC.COM the loudest dot com on the planet and hard rock's home on the Net, it was announced today by KNAC.COM founder and GM, Rob Jones.

Introduced by veteran producer Bob Ezrin (KISS, Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel), the chairman of Internet music network Enigma Digital, KNAC.COM and the KISS front men saw the importance of interacting with the fans on a close and direct level.

As spokesmen for the site, the legendary KISS front men will contribute original content to the site, make occasional appearances in the community's chat rooms and bulletin boards and will participate in various promotions, contests and giveaways as they promote KNAC.COM. KNAC.COM will co-sponsor KISS' upcoming tour.

"KNAC-FM had the guts to champion KISS and support all types of hard rock and metal at a time when most radio stations chose safer formats," Stanley said. "In the mid-'90s, most hard rock bands found themselves forced to exist in underground exile, but KNAC.COM and the incredible power of the Internet is the platform by which this music will raise a clenched fist and smash its way back into the spotlight."

"KNAC is synonymous with the best of pure, hard rock and I am pleased to be associated with KNAC.COM and their quest to deliver outstanding hard rock and metal content to a global audience," Simmons said.

"I am thrilled to death to see my dear friends Paul and Gene in this new adventure," Ezrin said. "They are highly respected artists, whose global presence seemed an ideal match for the world-wide reach of the Internet and the KNAC.COM community. These two thrive on staying connected to their fans and it therefore seemed fitting that KNAC.COM and KISS move into the new millennium and this exciting new medium together."

"I don't think there are any other four letter words that have had a greater impact on pure rock and heavy metal music than KNAC and KISS," Jones said in making the announcement. "Like millions of other headbangers around the world, KISS was the defining band that set my taste in music and immersed me in the world of heavy metal. I'm extremely honored to have Paul and Gene become members of our family and part of the KNAC.COM community."