KISS wants only true fans at concerts

(Launch) - With the KISS Farewell Tour well under way, there's something that the band wants to make clear - the shows are not "hip" events. The members of the group would prefer that true fans came out, rather than people looking for the latest trend. "Now it's time just to have a rock and roll party and forget about fashion - forget about fads," bassist Gene Simmons said. "This is a place that really is gonna be devoid of fashion and what's right and what's wrong. It's the place where strippers, businessmen and family can come and feel totally comfortable." To further illustrate his point, Simmons added these choice words: "When you go to a country and western show, you dress the cowboy. When you go to a rap show, you gotta look like a criminal. You can be anybody and come to our show, OK?" The next stop on the KISS Farewell Tour is Tuesday in Bakersfield, Calif., with opening acts Ted Nugent and Skid Row.