KISS Concert Went Well

Despite technical difficulties involving mechanical parts of the show (GENE SIMMONS' flying rig didn't descend fully to the stage, PAUL STANLEY's left him suspended over the audience rather than transporting him to mid-arena, and the "Black Diamond" disco ball didn't spin), KISS' concert at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California was terrific--musically tight, fun, energetic, and a great way to bid farewell. The packed house included many fans in KISS outfits and or makeup, and one couple in full-on wedding attire who clearly came to the concert straight from church. Also in attendance were BRET MICHAELS, ERIC SINGER and his GLAMNATION cohorts RYAN ROXIE, TEDDY Z, and STEFAN ADIKA (their next show is May 6 at Club Makeup at Hollywood's El Rey Theater), and BLAS ELIAS, who's been in L.A. filming Metal God (which will get a title change). Opening act SKID ROW had a calamity of another sort: SNAKE SABO was wheeling around backstage in a wheelchair, his right leg in a cast up to his knee, the result of an accident in Las Vegas two nights before. Arriving in Las Vegas early for Friday's concert, Sabo was having fun at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino until he went to the men's room and slipped in a puddle of vomit, breaking his ankle in three places. He had surgery on Friday and was unable to perform on Friday night, but did make it to the stage on Saturday at the Pond, using crutches and sitting on a stool to play. Skid Row, with new singer JOHNNY SOLINGER, sounded great in their short (half-hour) but rocking set. They'll be playing occasional headlining shows on days off during the KISS tour, including one this Wednesday, March 22, in Santa Ana, California.