KISS readies memorabilia auction

(Launch) - With KISS in the midst of its farewell tour, fans - at least those with a few thousand dollars to spare - can soon take home a piece of the band's history. KISS will auction off old costumes, guitars, props and other memorabilia June 24-25 at the Paramount Studios Theater in Hollywood, Calif. The auction - which was expected to take place at the end of the farewell tour but has been moved up - will feature such items as the costumes from the 1975-76 "Alive!" tour, which are expected to fetch up to $100,000, platform shoes from the mid-'70s ($1,000-$1,500) and guitars ($5,000-$7,000). Some of the other costumes are expected to go for $80,000. On the more affordable end, auctioneers estimate that a Gene Simmons' codpiece sporting buckles, straps, metal studs and plates could go for $750. "We don't want this stuff to be mothballed," singer-bassist Simmons said. "We would like as many people as possible to have a piece of KISS." The Auction is available at two Web sites - and