Paul Stanley Reminds Us: Kiss Is Going For Good

(7/14/00, 5 p.m. ET) - For those who were wondering, Kiss still plans to call it quits at the end of its current farewell tour, which is reportedly slated to wrap with a multi-night stand at Madison Square Garden in New York City in late September. The latest word on the group's decision to pack it in comes from singer-guitarist Paul Stanley, who acknowledged to the Calgary Sun that at ages ranging from 49 to 54, the four members of Kiss feel a bit too old to be running around in grease paint and high-heeled boots.

"You don't see 48-year-old football players and that's because the injuries become too great," said Stanley, 50. "My body has taken a pounding. . . and I don't want to push this to the point where we're on thin ice. I didn't really want to see this band past its peak. I don't want to see the band when people are saying: 'You should have seen them when they were good, or when they looked good.'"

Stanley said that once the tour wraps, guitarist Ace Frehley will re-start his solo career, drummer Peter Criss hopes to play jazz, and bassist Gene Simmons will work in film and also supervise the ongoing activities of Kiss' catalog and merchandising operations. Stanley, meanwhile, said he plans to continue the musical theater performances he began last summer in the Toronto production of The Phantom Of The Opera. However, Stanley added that saying goodbye to the Kiss Army this year has been an emotional experience: "I have found myself choked up on numerous occasions already. As far as the last show, I don't know. You close one door to open another. I'm a big believer in the idea that everything that happens is the result of what came before and I'm interested in what comes next."