Kiss Coming To Every Screen In Town

From: MTV News via Steve Araki

In addition to announcing recent tour plans, Kiss has shared with the world their plans to invade Fox Television, who will feature the band in no less than three broadcasts in the coming months. The band's management confirms that Kiss will be in Vancouver in the very near future to film an appearance in a Halloween episode of the Fox series "Millennium." The episode will air on Friday, October 30, and will feature Kiss as themselves. The band will be seen performing "Psycho Circus" in a club setting, supposedly taking part in a 'B' horror movie shoot based on a case that the lead character, Frank Black (Lance Henriksen), had previously been involved in. Sources close to the production reveal that the band may also appear in cameo roles in that same episode, sans make-up.

The night after their "Millennium" appearance, the band will appear on an episode of Fox's Saturday night sketch comedy show "Mad-TV" that will immediately precede a Fox live Kiss concert special from Dodger Stadium dubbed "Kiss Live: The Ultimate Halloween Party." Tickets for that October 31 Dodger Stadium show will go on sale this Saturday and are priced at $75.

In addition to the small screen, the band talked about its plans to hit the big screen, specifically in director Adam Rifkin's upcoming film "Detroit Rock City." The band noted that they will be playing themselves in the movie, which also stars Edward Furlong ("Pecker") and Natasha Lyonne ("Slums Of Beverly Hills") as '70s teens making a pilgrimage to a sold out Kiss show.

The movie will also feature hundreds of fans who turned out for Monday's press conference and were recruited as extras for the film. They will all be on-hand when Kiss shoots its scenes at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles November 6 (even though the concert in the film is supposed to take place in Detroit). The film company is still looking for about 4,000 extras in Kiss garb or late 70's dress, and they have provided a Detroit Rock City hotline for fans interested in attending. The number is (310) 967-6850, and be warned, it is a toll call.

Lastly, adding computer screens to the big screen and television screens, the Kiss Internet Service Provider that we told you about earlier this month is now open for business. Fans who want to check out what the service has to offer can swing by