KISS Army Invades Las Vegas' KOMP


Friday, October 9th, 1998 This morning at about 8:00 AM, one of the most outrageous happenings in Las Vegas ROCK & ROLL history took place. Starting with approximately 15 people, and growing into a mob that went as far as using members of the national guard to its cause, the KISS Army attacked and took over Las Vegas's only rock and roll radio station, 92.3 KOMP. As great fans of KISS and faithful KOMP listeners sat and listened, the parking lot of the radio station was blocked, keeping anyone from coming and going. With all seriousness, KISS Army stated that either KOMP do things the way KISS Army wished (they wanted KOMP to play KISS as regularly as they do all other bands), or suffer a hostile takeover of the radio station. Needless to say, KISS Army was quite victorious, gaining not only regular airplay for KISS, but also a KISS Weekend in Las Vegas. Personally, I would like to send out a strong salute to all those that participated in this event. To all the others that were not there, you truly missed out on a great happening towards KISS Army. -- Written by Travis Martin of Las Vegas, NV