Gene Simmons Offers Clinton Advice

"Forget James Carville and all the other Washington spin doctors. If President Bill Clinton really wants advice about how to handle revelations about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, he should consult an expert— Gene Simmons of KISS. The demon-faced bassist is, of course, an avid and unapologetic admirer and consumer of the opposite sex who has never hidden his proclivities; in fact, he celebrates them in an infamous album of Polaroids. Wall of Sound asked Simmons—currently basking in last week's Top 5 debut of KISS's new album, Psycho Circus—how the Prez should be handling his current situation. "He should step up and confront the very same people he's afraid of and say, 'Get out of here. It's not you who gives me the power—it's the people. I stand guilty as charged of whatever you think I've done. I lied; that's right, I did. I had sexual relations with this woman and many women. That's right. Now what are you going to do about it?'" says Simmons. "I'd absolutely do that, or tell 'em 'I'll tell ya what. I will abide by the will of the people put up a vote—Do I stay or do I go?' They wouldn't have the balls to say 'No, let's not put it up to the people.'"—Gary Graff