A Conversation with Bob Ezrin

From Craig R. Gimbi

Just wanted to drop a line to let everybody know that in the April 1999 copy of Guitar World featuring SRV there is an article and conversation with Bob Ezrin, producer of KISS' Destroyer, The Elder, and Revenge albums. In the interview with Mr. Ezrin titled "The Wall Of Sound: Legendary studio wizard Bob Ezrin looks back at his best, worst and most unusual productions" by David Konow, when asked why he thought the band wanted him to produce the Destroyer album, he responds, "I think we consciously went after trying to re-invent the band. Basically, that seems to be my role with KISS. They call me when they're at a crisis point or when they need something to push them forward." He adds that the kids you hear at the beginning of God of Thunder were actually his kids talking through walkie-talkies that were miked for effect. As for The Elder, it appears Ezrin ranks this production effort as one of his worst. When asked about his production of what Guitar World calls "KISS' somewhat disastrous (Music From) The Elder", Ezrin responds, "No I didn't! It's lie! I never did! They (KISS) didn't either! Okay... yeah, I did. Oh, it's horrible!" He continues, "(Recently) after getting about halfway through side one, I looked at my wife and said 'You know something? I should have been killed before being allowed to finish this! This is one of the worst crimes that has ever been perpetrated on music!'" He felt it had nothing to do with KISS, and they should have realized it. Finally, he concludes, "I think Gene and Paul were competing with each other instead of working together, and Ace didn't even want to show up. He didn't like it at all, and you know, in retrospect, he was dead right. He just couldn't express himself well enough to explain why it was wrong. It was not a great situation all around, and it shows."