Paul Stanley: Phantom Of The Opera!

From: ABC News

NEW YORK (Variety) - Bankrupt theater company Livent is expected to announce as early as Thursday that it will shutter production of ``The Phantom of the Opera'' at Toronto's Pa ntages Theater after the show's 10th anniversary in late September. ``Phantom'' has long been a cash cow for Livent but company executives believe their newest Broadway show, ``Fosse,'' could do better, industry insiders said. In any event, ``Phantom'' will get a few more milkings before being put out to pasture: various Canadian and American pop stars will appear as the Phantom over the next few months. In April, Canada's answer to Donny Osmond, singer Rene Simard, is expected to join the company in the title role in an eight-week run. He'll be followed by KISS lead vocalist and guitarist Paul Stanley in a 10-week run. Stanley may be as unconventional a choice as any in the usually dainty world of musical theater, but he's certainly no slouch at selling records, having sold 70 million albums worldwide. The leather-clad kabuki rocker will take time off from the group's ``Psycho Circus'' world tour for his commitment to ``Phantom,'' and will resume touring in North America in August and in Asia in the fall. "Phantom'' will round out its run with Jeff Hyslop, who has some familiarity with the role, having played 800 performances during his time with the touring company.

Paul's run is from May 25 to August 1st.