by Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue)

There was a band a long time ago
Hottest in the land becuz of their show
With make-up & heels no one could resist
The name of this band: KISS

Ace & Peter, Paul & Gene
Came into the biz & stole the scene
They packed their shows, with lines out the door
Until the day when Pete said "no more"

When Peter decided to call it quits
Lots of kiss fans said "awww, this is shit"
People said the band was done
No one could replace Pete on drums

But Eric Carr gave it a go
The fans loved him cuz he put on a show
And all was right once again
Until Ace said "this is the end"

So enter Vinnie Vincent to play guitar
Hoping kiss would make him a star
But there were problems that just couldn't be solved
And the guitar slot continued to revolve

"Mark St. John", cried fans "who is he??"
And the roar went up "we want Frehley!!!"
Mark seemed to working until he got sick
Enter a man called Bruce Kulick

Bruce and the boys got along fine
And all was perfect at least for a time
Then Eric got sick with cancer & died
Fans thought it was over "but man what a ride"

It looked as though this was the end
Then Eric Singer joined up for a little 'Revenge'
And again KISS was happy as happy could be
Until unplugged on MTV

They played unplugged Paul, Gene, Eric & Bruce
And at the end a couple of guests they did produce
Yup you guessed it, out came Peter & Ace
And every kiss fan had a smile on his face

Then came the talk of a KISS reunited
And all the kiss freaks were really excited
After some 15 years of being gone
Ace & Peter had finally come home