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From EW's The 100 Greatest Moments In Rock

#83 KISS Sees The New York Dolls 5/29/72

It was the dawn of glitter rock, and the New York Dolls, tarted up like transvestie hookers, were the darlings of the scene. To pre-makeup-wearing future Kiss members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, watching David Johansen and the Dolls perform at New York's Diplomat Hotel provided crucial inspiration. "Paul and I looked at each other and siad, 'Wow, they look like real rock stars," says Simmons. "Then we said, We'll Kill 'em." Kiss went on to handily trump the Dolls, commercially and sartorially.

Eleven Essential Metal Albums

  1. Alive!- KISS
  2. Led Zeppelin II- Led Zeppelin
  3. Paranoid- Black Sabbath
  4. Van Halen- Van Halen
  5. Back In Black- AC/DC
  6. Reign In Blood- Slayer
  7. No Remorse- Moterhead
  8. Appetite For Destruction- Guns & Roses
  9. Metallica- Metallica
  10. Rage Against The Machine- Rage Against The Machine
  11. Superunknown- Soundgarden

Five Essential Power Ballads

  1. Beth- KISS
  2. Dream On- Aerosmith
  3. Every Rose Has It's thorn- Poison
  4. Wanted Dead Or Alive- Bon Jovi
  5. Home Sweet Home- Motley Crue