KISS Singer 'Adequate' in 'Phantom'

By Jane Stevenson (Toronto Sun)

TORONTO -- The diverse worlds of rock and roll and musical theatre collided last night as KISS singer Paul Stanley officially opened in the title role of the long-running production of The Phanton Of The Opera at the Pantages Theatre. And if Stanley didn't exactly shine as the deformed composer haunting the Paris Opera House while obsessing on a beautiful soprano, neither did he completely embarass himself. After 27 years with that revved-up and rowdy rock machine known as KISS, Stanley had the theatrical stage thing down pat as he moved gracefully around the various elaborate Phantom sets, even when he was literally crawling on his hands and knees. His singing voice, meanwhile, was almost unrecognizable but perfectly adequate -- even during the Phantom's signature song, Music Of The Night -- as long as he was required to belt it out in the mid-range level.