New Line Takes Simmons' 'Monsters'

From: Cinescape

New Line Cinema has snagged a comedy/horror pitch made by KISS co-creator Gene Simmons called Real Monsters. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the potential film will be created in the vein Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein and The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. The story is about two lunkheaded dock workers who open the wrong crate during the graveyard shift releasing a trio of terrible monsters on New York City. Fearing they will be fired if anyone finds out, the two men attempt to capture the monsters and return them to their crate. Plans are for the film to be produced by Simmons with Jeph Loeb. Adam Rifkin, who worked with Simmons on Detroit Rock City, will write and direct. Simmons and New Line are hoping the film could kick off a franchise.