Kiss bootleggers shut down in Detroit

(Launch) - A bootlegging operation surrounding the upcoming Kiss movie, "Detroit Rock City," has been shut down. Daily Variety reports that a man had somehow obtained a copy of the as-yet-unreleased movie, copied it repeatedly, and targeted 'Net-friendly Kiss fans by peddling the tapes for $50 each through the online auction house "The guy had a full-page ad heralding he had the movie ... and he was foolish enough to list all his e-mail customers to vouch for its quality," "Detroit Rock City's" associate producer Tim Sullivan said. This list of "clients" allowed the FBI to both get the tapes back from those who had purchased them, and nab the guy who sold them. He claims he bought the original copy from a New York City bootlegger. The movie, which follows a group of teens' attempts to sneak into a Kiss concert in 1978, opens in theaters Aug. 13.