Forget about the makeup, hair spray, leather pants and chains. Turn down Detroit Rock City, and put your tongue back in your mouth. In cyberspace, you can prove your fanatical fealty to Kiss or lots of other cheesy rock bands without making an absolute fool of yourself.

We're not talking about fan websites here, those generally lame online shrines to Gene Simmons and other assorted monsters of rock. No, these days dedicated, dog-collar-wearing groupies show their support by signing up for monthly Web access at places like, and, Leaving no marketing stone unturned, many nostalgia seeking music acts of yesteryear are launching their own vanity ISPs, offering fans reams of merchandise, insider gossip, reunion-tour news and, most important, an affinity e-mail address. For $20 a month, the Kiss faithful get the privilege of telling their friends to drop them a line they never have to struggle with another pair of platform shoes.