On Location At Everclear's Video Shoot: Porn Stars And Kiss Tongues

We didn't see any drugs, but it was definitely all about sex and rock and roll on the set of Everclear's new video, a cover of the Thin Lizzy classic "The Boys Are Back in Town," in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday (June 29). The video for the song, part of the soundtrack to New Line Cinema's upcoming ode to Kissmania, Detroit Rock City (allstar, June 25), takes place backstage at a Kiss concert in 1978. Included in the hedonistic atmosphere were a slew of romping porn stars cavorting with the boys in Everclear as well as the God of Thunder himself, Kiss' Gene Simmons, onstage and on a mock Kiss tour bus. But Everclear's Art Alexakis, who is co-producing the video, wasn't so sure the porn stars fit into his band's agenda. "It's the closest we have ever come to porn and it's probably the closest we will ever come again," he said after a day of filming. "It's great, but it's not my thing. I respect these girls for doing what they do. Everybody makes choices in life, and they are very sexy girls who like sex and get paid to have sex. People pay money to watch them have sex. I'm not immune to that, but I don't necessarily think it fits into what we do." At any rate, some 10-plus porn stars, including Vivid Video's Janine and Chasey Lain, among others, lit up the already Lite Brite-like, glamorama-themed stage clad in eye-popping bikinis and flashy '70s garb. Janine welcomed the change in scenery. "I like taking the backseat to these videos where I'm just a little prop," she said. "As opposed to one of my own films -- the pressure isn't completely all on me." Simmons, whose tongue could have made him millions in the adult film industry, thinks the recent influx of rock and roll and pornography morphing is merely a reflection on life. "Porn and life go way back," said Simmons. "It's called procreation without the babies. We all do it. Some of us take photos of it. The only thing that they have managed to do is charge you for it." The soundtrack to Detroit Rock City, which also includes tracks by Marilyn Manson, Van Halen, David Bowie, and Kiss, among others, will hit stores Aug. 3 on Mercury Records. -- Kevin Raub