Kiss: The next wave

(Launch) - The release of the soundtrack to the new Kiss movie "Detroit Rock City" signals the beginning of another spate of Kiss activity, which will include a new book, "KISSTORY II: Toys, Games & Girls Collectors Bible "; a TV movie about the band on Fox; and a fall tour that's rumored to be the group's farewell outing. Kiss has also aligned itself with World Championship Wrestling, sponsoring a group of grapplers who will appear during the new few months. Kiss' Gene Simmons, who co-produced "Detroit Rock City," outlined the wrestling plan in the October issue of Metal Edge magazine. "The first one is going to be called The Demon ... He's going to look like me, but he's clearly not me. He grew up worshipping Kiss, and this is what he wants to do as homage. Later on, the rest of us are going to show up in various forms as characters in wresting. That's only the first year. At the end of the cycle, all four will get together as The Warriors of Kiss, and they'll be fighting like a super-fight with, like, the 'Gentiles From Space' or some group of other wrestlers, probably in a big pay-per-view."