Ace's Comments on 'KISS and Tell'

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    Please feel free to distribute this letter to all web sites and news groups...

    This is a letter written by Ace Frehley himself about the guy who is trying to sell you the KISS & Tell book...

    Ace Speaks out on Gordon Gebert

    The following is a letter written by Ace Frehley himself...


    For very valid reasons, which I won't get into here, in October of 1993, I was justified when I terminated any and all of the services that one Gordon G. G. Gebert provided to Rock Soldiers, Inc. What should have been a simple reorganization of the Rock Soldiers Fan Club to a more experienced and caring staff, in order to provide both better and more realistic features and coverage, has turned into a real nightmare. This former employee has taken his displeasure with me, because I fired him, and turned it into a vendetta against you my fans and friends. Among others, his actions so far include the following:

    He has refused to hand over to me any Rock Soldiers files, records and/or mailing lists (which is the reason this letter took so long to reach you and the reason you have not received your Rock Soldiers newsletters, fan club kits and merchandising requests, etc.) he has used the information from the above mentioned files, records and/or mailing lists to exploit you, my fans, for his own personal financial gain.

    He has started a campaign of misinformation using mailings to give you phone numbers and addresses that have nothing to do with Rock Soldiers. All in an effort to get you to waste your money and time by calling and writing them and in the process get you upset with me. I have heard from various sources that after he was fired he allegedly took the Rock Soldiers checks that he still had and cashed them.

    Furthermore, he never sent a fan club package or anything else to those fans who sent in the checks he cashed. He has sent out mail order forms, through his company, G-4 Productions (WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ROCK SOLDIERS OR MYSELF), announcing a 'merchandise sale' and requesting that you purchase the various Ace Frehley items offered. He has no right to do so.

    The items he is selling belong to me. He never paid for them. I'M PISSED OFF. NO ONE FUCKS WITH MY FANS _EVER_ PERIOD.

    I've declared WAR and this is what I intend to do to straighten this mess out:

    All of you will receive all back and future issues of the Rock Soldiers newsletter that you are entitled to receive.

    All of you will receive any fan club kits that you are entitled to receive.

    All of you will receive any merchandise that you ordered directly through Rock Soldiers and have not received as yet. Sorry, I cannot help you if you ordered something from G-4 Productions.

    We will inform the proper authorities regarding this matter. This can never happen again, because from now on our Special Operations and Tactics Team will be overseeing all aspects of Rock Soldiers.

    Thanks, love you

    Ace Frehley

    P.S. Tell all your friends and fellow Rock Soldiers, who might not have received this letter, about it. Make them a copy and encourage them to send in the questionnaire as well.

    Don't hurt us by purchasing any of the items that Gebert or his company, G-4 Productions, have for sale at any price. Don't let him profit in anyway from our relationship.


    Folks, when you see Gordon hawking his book all over the Net, feel free to forward this letter in reply.