Peter Interview From "Go Figure!" Magazine

GF: Did you ever think that little plastic action figures of yourself would become such a phenomenon?

Peter: I'm very surprised and very honored. I've got my collection all set up in my house. I play with them. I have fun with them. I have mine kick Gene's butt all the time. Some things never change. Gene and I will always be in battle. The Demon versus the Catman.

GF: Any other cat toys you like to play with?

Peter: I've got a warehouse full of stuff. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it all. I really love the KISS pinball machine. That blew my mind. Years back, the record company gave us these slot machines made specially for the four of us. There's even this stained glass Monopoly KISS set our old manager Bill Aucoin gave us for Christmas one year--all the streets on the board house have our songs. Beth Street. Shout It Out Loud Avenue. Of course, Ace and I were always the ones who ended up in jail...

GF: Well, I guess a few things have changed since then.

Peter: Yeah. No more of that garbage. Time to focus and stay out of trouble.

GF: What have you been up to since we last spoke?

Peter: Well, I got engaged. I'm getting married, moving to the Jersey Shore. My hands are feeling great. The break from touring really helped out with that. But basically, our new album has been the thing. I'm so glad it's happening because it's been so long. Next, we'll be getting ready to tour again. Another round. We'll go out in July till somewhere around the summer of '99. And then...I don't know. The word is do a few shows in 2000 and then maybe "Adios".

GF: You really mean that?

Peter: Who knows. Maybe I should take that back 'cuz we say one thing then we do the opposite. Never say never with KISS. Next thing you know, Gene will be saying we're taking a rocket ship and doing a concert on the moon.

GF: One small step for KISS, one giant leap for rock and roll...well...

Peter: Something like that.

GF: Do you find you write differently for KISS than you would for your solo work?

Peter: Yeah, but I still tend to write for myself. I'm a big ballad guy and no matter what I do, I always fall back into that style. You know, it isn't easy for me to write for KISS. When I wrote "Beth", it wasn't for KISS. But then Bob Ezrin, our producer, said, "Wait a minute. Let's do this." And everybody was "No Way. This isn't KISS. Are you out of your mind?" Next thing you know we're getting People's Choice awards and we've got a hit record. So it's not out of the question to write something else that personal. The main thing is--I just write. Right now I'm working on a piece called "Space Fever" which would be great for Ace. I actually just told him about it and he loved it, so we're going to write some stuff together. It'll be very cool because we've never done that before. It's amazing. It's like we're kids again.

GF: Maybe you guys should try writing in full make-up. There might be a difference in the attitude.

Peter: I never thought of that. That's interesting. You know, there would be a difference. It's like putting war paint on. When I get into that mode, I'm a madman. In the studio, I'm relaxed. I've got on sweats, a t-shirt, sneakers...Wow! That would be nuts if the four of us went into the studio with the make-up! I'll have to bring it up to them. I bet Gene would say "Done. Let's do it." Gene will do anything if can wear his make-up.

GF: How do you envision KISS in 2000?

Peter: That's funny. I was just talking about that with Paul. I asked if we were going to make a drastic change, and he said "No. I wanna stay as close to the classic KISS as possible." I thought about it and I agree. I love my costume. Maybe a few modifications, but... We're toying with the idea of doing the show in 3-D. You put the glasses on and Gene's fire looks like it's gonna burn you. My drum sticks look like they're coming right at you. We're out of our minds. I don't know how we're gonna do it, but we're we're working on it.

GF: I think you should do an IMAX movie like the Rolling Stones.

Peter: Who knows. Gene called me from New Orleans a few nights ago. He's working on a KISS car. I said "Gene, you're a madman." He said "No no no. It'll be great." I said "OK. I'm outta here. Wherever you want to go with this."

GF: You have to be careful about that kind of stuff. You don't want the toys taking center stage.

Peter: Yeah. I think about that a lot. And I agree with you because I think that's what ruined us last time. The goods got bigger than the band. KISS dolls, KISS blankets, KISS underwears, pajamas... Don't get me wrong. It was cool. In fact, I'm sitting here now with my KISS blanket wrapped around me. But sometimes it scares me. I mean, my work should be considered more important than my face. That's real important to me. I never want to lose the sincerity in what I feel towards my music or my fans.

GF: I don't think you have to worry about that.

Peter: Thanks, man. I appreciate that. Make sure you come and see us in the studio. And tell your readers they're the best.