KISS: The Movie

If someone was to make a movie about KISS, other than the members themselves who would you like to see play each character?

    Almost Human's Casting

    1. Peter Criss- Keifer Sutherland
    2. Ace Frehley- Keanu Reeves
    3. Gene Simmons- Tony (No Doubt)
    4. Paul Stanley- Johnny Depp
    5. Eric Carr- Dana Carvey
    6. Bruce Kulick- Matt Lauer
    7. Eric Singer- Val Kilmer
    8. Vinnie Vincent- Marilyn Manson
    9. Mark. St.John- Kurt Russell

Visitor Lists

    Chris's Casting (Toronto, ON CA)

    1. Peter Criss- John Stamos
    2. Ace Frehley- Keanu Reeves
    3. Gene Simmons- Johhny Depp
    4. Paul Stanley- Russell Brand

    Angelica Guitron's Casting (San Mateo, CA USA)

    1. Peter Criss- Rick Allen
    2. Ace Frehley- Warren DeMartini
    3. Gene Simmons- Juan Croucier
    4. Paul Stanley- Stephen Pearcy
    5. Eric Carr- Bobby Blotzer
    6. Bruce Kulick- Duff McKagan
    7. Eric Singer- Slash
    8. Vinnie Vincent- Bobby Dall
    9. Mark St.John- Rikki Rockett
    10. Tommy Thayer- C.C. DeVille

    Lance's Casting (Hazel Green, AL USA)

    1. Ace Frehley- Johnny Depp
    2. Gene Simmons- Tommy Lee Jones
    3. Paul Stanley- Sylvester Stallone
    4. Eric Carr- Dana Carvey
    5. Eric Singer- David Spade
    6. Vinnie Vincent- Marilyn Manson

    Steve Talarowski's Casting (New Castle, DE USA)

    1. Peter Criss- John Cusack
    2. Ace Frehley- Jim Carrey
    3. Gene Simmons- The "Rock"
    4. Paul Stanley- Val Kilmer
    5. Eric Carr- Edward Furlong
    6. Bruce Kulick- Ben Stiller
    7. Eric Singer- Owen Wilson
    8. Vinnie Vincent- Mick Mars
    9. Tommy Thayer- Joe Perry

    Andrew Oats's Casting (Auckland, New Zealand)

    1. Peter Criss- Roger Taylor
    2. Ace Frehley- Angus Young
    3. Gene Simmons- Steve Harris
    4. Eric Carr- Alex Van Halen
    5. Bruce Kulick- Eddie Van Halen
    6. Eric Singer- Nicko McBrain
    7. Vinnie Vincent- Joe Satriani
    8. Mark St.John- Steve Vai
    9. Tommy Thayer- Ace Frehley

    Eric Young's Casting (Newark, DE USA)

    1. Peter Criss- Rod Stewart
    2. Ace Frehley- Al Pitrelli (ex Megadeth)
    3. Gene Simmons- Robert Trujillo (Metallica)
    4. Paul Stanley- Chris Jericho (Fozzy, WWE)
    5. Eric Carr- Jimmy Degrasso (ex Megadeth)
    6. Bruce Kulick- Dweezil Zappa
    7. Eric Singer- Rikki Rocket (Poison)
    8. Vinnie Vincent- Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper)
    9. Mark St.John- Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative)
    10. Tommy Thayer- Zakk Wylde (Ozzy, BLS)

    Max's Casting (New York, NY USA)

    1. Peter Criss- Tommy Lee
    2. Ace Frehley- Angus Young
    3. Gene Simmons- Tom Araya
    4. Paul Stanley- Bruce Dickinson
    5. Eric Carr- Tommy Aldridge
    6. Bruce Kulick- Slash
    7. Eric Singer- Dave Lombardo
    8. Vinnie Vincent- Jeff Hanneman
    9. Mark St John- Mick Mars
    10. Tommy Thayer- Adam Brener

    Larrence's Casting (Boston, MA USA)

    1. Peter Criss- Johnny Cash
    2. Ace Frehley- Buzz Aldrin
    3. Gene Simmons- Ron Popeil
    4. Paul Stanley- Heidi Fleiss
    5. Eric Carr- Cameo
    6. Bruce Kulick- Sam Neill
    7. Eric Singer- David Spade
    8. Vinnie Vincent- Uday Hussein
    9. Mark St.John- Sam Neill
    10. Tommy Thayer- Sam Neill

    Brittany Dunn's Casting (Sussex, WI USA)

    1. Peter Criss- bret michaels
    2. Ace Frehley- Dave Meniketti
    3. Gene Simmons- Rick Savage
    4. Paul Stanley- Val kilmer
    5. Eric Carr- mick brown
    6. Bruce Kulick- yngwie malmsteen
    7. Eric Singer- rick allen
    8. Vinnie Vincent- frank hannon
    9. Mark St.John- george lynch
    10. Tommy Thayer- Juan Croucier

    Mattrock's Casting (Livonia, MI USA)

    1. Peter Criss- Kyle from Road Trip
    2. Paul Stanley- Bret Michaels
    3. Eric Carr- Mick Brown
    4. Bruce Kulick- Bob Kulick
    5. Eric Singer- Animal from the muppets
    6. Vinnie Vincent- Mark Slaughter

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