Top 5 Worst KISS Album Covers

    Almosthuman's Top 5

    1. Animalized
    2. Alive 4- Symphony
    3. Double Platinum (Canadian Remaster)
    4. (Music From) The Elder
    5. Revenge

Visitor Lists

    Duke's Top 5 (Tyler, TX USA)

    1. Elder (The cover, like the album, too conceptual)
    2. Unmasked (WTF? Nice if your five)
    3. Animalize (Ehhh, can't think of anything...throw some pelts on the ground)
    4. Carnival of Souls (Blank Stares ....nice)
    5. Hot In The Shade (Worst period in band's history imo)

    Duck's Top 5 (Lloydminster, SK CA)

    1. Hotter Than Hell
    2. You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best
    3. Pyscho Circus
    4. Hot In The Shade
    5. Ceatures Of The Night

    Delane's Top 5 (Hudson, MI USA)

    1. Animalize-Gene's wig for that tour would have made nice fake fur for the cover too.
    2. Asylum-original members are only allowed the top of the cover
    3. Crazy Nights-better wig and alot of air brushing
    4. The Elder-"We look too stupid at this point so just put a hand on it"
    5. Kiss My Ass-bad cover, worse band selections

    Jimmy's Top 5 (Ljusdal, Sweden)

    1. Music From The Elder
    2. Unmasked
    3. Double Platinum
    4. Killers
    5. Smashes, Trashes & Hits

    Dan's Top 5 (Raytown, MO USA)

    1. Animalize
    2. Asylum
    3. Hot in the Shade
    4. Crazy Nights
    5. Revenge

    K9's Top 5 (PA USA)

    1. The Elder
    2. KISS
    3. Killers
    4. Hotter Than Hell
    5. Carnival Of Souls

    Martyn A.'s Top 5 (Coalhurst, AB Canada)

    1. ANIMALIZE (worst ever!!!!)
    2. HOT IN THE SHADE (um yeah)
    3. REVENGE (boring!)
    4. KILLERS (pink and they look stupid)
    5. DOUBLE PLATINUM (once again, boring!)

    Mattrock's Top 4 (Livonia, MI USA)

    1. Hotter than hell
    2. Unmasked
    3. Kiss my ass
    4. The very best of Kiss

    Angelo Scanzelli's Top 5 (Catasauqua, PA USA)

    1. Dressed To Kill
    2. Unmasked
    3. Asylum
    4. Crazy Nights
    5. Carnival Of Souls

    Brad's Top 5 (San Diego, CA USA)

    1. The Elder
    2. Hot In The Shade
    3. Unmasked
    4. Greatest Kiss
    5. Revenge

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