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Almost Human's Alias: Simon Fraser

These are the newest 10 lists that have been submitted, from newest to oldest
  1. Janet Margul's Alias (Plano, TX USA): Jana Maglin

  2. Daniella's Alias (Melbourne, VI AUS): Jessica Cristie

  3. Amber's Alias (Snellville, GA USA): Amy Lee Jones

  4. Jenna's Alias (USA): Madison Davis

  5. Stacy's Alias (NC USA): Alexa Taylor (Lexi)

  6. Hayley's Alias (Boat Harbour, NSW Australia): Victoria King

  7. Annelise's Alias (Cary, NC USA): Madison Cleary

  8. Staci's Alias (Rolling Meadows, IL USA) Kitty Timber

  9. Belinda Fraser's Alias (Gold Coast, Qld Australia) BJ Summers

  10. Jocelyn's Alias (Seymour, CT USA): Cassie Daniels

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