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    It is the center piece of the law firm of Cage, Fish & Associates. The walls have heard everything from pleaagreements to romantic entanglements to a lawyer lip-synching the silky-smooth sounds of Barry White's Can't Get Enough Of Your Love. No, this isn't some pad-locked conference room, it is prime-time's (or is it anytime's) first unisex bathroom.

    The Bathroom has turned into what could be referred to as the heart of the show, not unlike the swamp on M.A.S.H. or the kitchen on Family Ties, there becomes big expectations for scenes in these rooms. Of course, on those two other shows there was a sense of privacy that is unattainable anywhere in this law firm. All employees look under the stalls paranoid that their most inner thoughts will become part of the public domain with people like nosy Elaine & perhaps worst of all Richard Fish (who raises his legs so no one knows he's there) wandering around.

    The unisex gives David Kelley the chance to create moments of high drama & a type of humor that thankfully never dips into Beavis & Butthead-land, which would be all too easy. As for the cast members, both Calista Flockhart (Ally) & Courtney Thorne-Smith(Georgia have said that if they really did work at Cage, Fish & Associates, they'd be heading to the nearest convenience store's bathroom. Can anyone blame them?

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