Vonda Shepard Bio

Ally Character: Vonda the Piano Player (1997- Present)
Home: Encino, California USA.
Birth Date: July 7, 1963
Birth Place: New York, New York USA
Family: One younger sister Rosetta
Lyrics: Searcin' My Soul
Discography: Click here!

Music Credits: Vonda was a backup singer for Jackson Browne, had a duet with Dan Hill (Can't We Try), she recorded two solo albums for Warner Bros., including The Radical Light in 1992 (includes Ally's theme). She also recorded It's Good Eve on the indy label T. And now the Ally Mcbeal Sound Track.

Filmography: click here to read about her other roles

Famous Fans: David Kelley & Michelle Pfeifer, her boss & his wife.

The Piano Player: She is supposed to be another facet of Ally's active conscience (not unlike the dancing baby or the garbage truck when someone is about to be dumped). Most of the time if you listen closely to the lyrics of the songs you'll hear a definite parallel to the episodes' storyline.


  1. Ally McBeal: For Once In My Life
  2. A Very Ally Christmas
  3. Heart & Soul (2nd Ally SndTrk)
  4. By 7:30
  5. Songs From Ally McBeal
  6. It's Good, Eve
  7. Radical Light
  8. Vonda Shepard
  9. Dan Hill (features a duet with Vonda)