Ally Mcbeal Character Quotes: Billy Thomas

Here are some of the memorable quotes used in the show
  1. "I need to rest"- Billy’s last words

  2. "Did that really happen or did I hallucinate it"- Billy asking Ally if there was a TV show called Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire

  3. "No it‘s in my ass, I have a brain tumor in my ass"- Billy to Ally when she asked if the brain tumor was in his head

  4. "I wanted to tell you personally since uh, you probably helped bring it on...kidding" Billy to Ally on his brain tumor

  5. "I don’t see your hand as the one I want to be holding"- Billy tell Sandy to move on with her life

  6. "You won’t find a more gigantic ass than me"- Billy trying to sell himself to a prospective client

  7. "So what if this is sexual harassment, she deserves it she’s pretty"- Billy in closing arguments

  8. "ard carrying & proud of it"- Billy after being called a male chauvinist pig by his client Robin Jones (Farrah Fawcett)

  9. "A wussified piece of wet toast woman’s guy, there’s a new man in town Georgia"- Billy describing himself before his change

  10. "Hello, my name is Billy and I’m a male chauvinist pig"- Billy at his first group meeting

  11. "You know Ally she can't even sit on a toilet with out drumming up a little drama." -Billy to Georgia

  12. "If you kiss him he may not stay forever but he won't be running off quick," Billy to Ally

  13. "Knowing you is not a deterent to loving you," Billy to Ally

  14. "Your gonna have to help me here Richard, do you have a Fishism for this?" -Billy