Ally Mcbeal Character Quotes: Claire Otoms

Here are some of the memorable quotes used in the show
  1. Claire: "Richard, Richard I dont want to pry but are you all right?"
    Richard: "Sure why wouldnt I be?"
    Claire: "Its just that... over the last few days youve been well... working and its not like you."

  2. Claire: "Richard I want to tell you something about myself that not many people know. When I was born, unlike other women the almighty gave me a little... a little dial. "

  3. Richard on Liza: "Shes even more naughty, more cunning, more delicious than Ling and Ling was amazing."
    Claire: "Youre romanticizing cunning Ling, Richard."
    Richard: "Men do that."

  4. Claire: "Were going to be a team Richard. Ill be the one speaking softly and youll be the one carrying a big stick."

  5. Claire: "Hello, Im Claire Otoms and youre well, youre lovely."
    Wilson: "Thank you."
    Claire: "You would be a little bachelorette treat to help celebrate my upcoming nuptials would you?"
    Wilson: "Im a new attorney here, Wilson Jay starting today."
    Claire: "Wonderful. If I were ten years younger Id invite you home for a nightcap. Youre wonderful."

  6. Claire: "Hi Nelle, Christmas has come early this year... this is Wilson."
    Nelle: "Yes, weve met. Hi"
    Wilson: "Hello, is it Morgan."
    Nelle: "Its Nelle"
    Wilson: "Am I in the girls room?"
    Claire: "Its unisex, here a Cage, Fish & McBeal we... we dont distinguish between the sexes."

  7. Nelle: "Claire?"
    Claire: "Oh Nelle, hello."
    Nelle: "What are you doing?"
    Claire: "Im going to the little girls room."
    Nelle: "Any reason you couldnt use the door?"
    Wilson: "I think she was looking for me."

  8. Claire to Ally: "This man fitles with pipes for a living, why not let him have a wee go at yours"

  9. Claire: "So sorry to intrude but I have news."
    Richard: "Youre pregnant."
  10. Claire: "No but youre on the right track."

  11. Claire to Ally: "By the way have you and Victor had a little chaffing of the loins yet?"

  12. Jerome upon first meeting Ally: "Claire speaks so highly of you."
    Ally: "Oh, Thank you."
    Jerome: "Howd the sex go with Victor."
    Claire: "Jerome your manners. It hasnt happened yet."

  13. Ally: "3 months wow, thats really fast to be getting married isnt it."
    Claire: "Well Ally if I moved at you pace Id be well, dead."

  14. Claire: "Ally between us girlfriends, Im not a young woman and my supply nectar is running low and what little is left has curdled."

  15. Claire: "Pre-nuptial?"
    Richard: "Well Claire you have money he doesnt we just want to make sure your protected."
    Coretta: "Have you even broached this with him."
    Claire: "Well I did mention protection once, he put on a condom."

  16. Claire to Jerome: "Well its true I enjoy playing hot dogs and buns, it whats inside that counts."

  17. Maddie on Mary Ellens death: "I think she checked out during fear factor."

  18. Claire: "Ally there is something that nobody really knows about me."
    Ally: "Wwwhat?"
    Claire: "Im slightly over 50."

  19. Claire to Ally: "I wish I could look at love as clearly as you can."

  20. Claire on Maddie smoking: "Better not catch her doing that around me, I am flammable."

  21. Richard: "I never worry about money, right Claire?"
    Claire: "Why worry when you can obsess."

  22. Raymond: "Sweet sixteen."
    Claire: "When I was that age I had to beat them off with a stick."

  23. Claire: "I still dont know why you take me along on these missions."
    Richard: "To take notes you know my attention span."
    Claire: "Look at the way all these prisoners are staring in my direction, they all want to ravage me."

  24. Claire interview Serenas father: "She didnt say how you whacked her mother."

  25. Judge Walsh: "Why are you even here?"
    Claire: "There was a rumor you might smile today. I guess not."

  26. Claire: "I would hate to see such an important case affected by the... elephant in the room."
    Judge Walsh: "What elephant in the room?"
    Claire: "On your Honor, neither of us can deny that there is a certain sexual energy between us."

  27. Claire: "First of all I didnt make advances, second of all at my age I advance like continental drift."

  28. Claire: "He who refuses to be hurt by love Richard, ends up destroying himself you know."

  29. Claire: "I must say its been quite a while since Ive been welcomed into a young mans hole. Its lovely."

  30. Claire to Richard: "Pain doesnt decompose when you bury it and that is a Claire Otomism."

  31. Claire: "Helping people is my thing, its my trip, its my shtick."

  32. Claire: "Ive been given a pink slip and not to wear Im afraid."

  33. Claire to a co-worker: "Youre lovely and dont you fill out your trousers nicely."

  34. Claire: "Hello Elaine were going to be counterparts."
    Elaine: "Im sorry?"
    Claire: "Im going to work at Cage, Fish & McBeal. Isnt that wonderful, wonderful news. Do you even have the words?"
    Elaine: "No. Claire let me first address another crisis."

  35. Claire: "I can sing."
    Elaine: "Do you know Im a Woman?"
    Claire: "Its my theme song."

  36. Claire: "Well John one of us isnt being entirely honest with ourselves is he?"

  37. Claire: "When I was very, very young I was the image of you. Which gives you an idea of what youre going to look like in a year or two. But there was nothing like that little spark when you met that special someone, even my nooks & crannies tingled. Now Ive gotten a lot older they tingle vicariously. Now Im tingling for you and... Glenn, hes lovely."

  38. Claire: "Ally, Ive always found the funny thing about love is, its the one game you lose by refusing to play."

  39. Claire: "Little Jenny your lovely, you sounded some what thicker on the telephone Im afraid but your not your lovely, your slim, your almost exquisite."

  40. Claire upon meeting Raymond: "Well I hope you on my side, oh Jenny isnt he strapping?"

  41. Claire on how she should response to phone solicitors: "Please call me back later Im dining off the intestines on a cow."

  42. Claire making Ally smile: "Look at the way those cloths hang off her shes lovely."

  43. Claire (to hot dog eating Glenn): "Glenn I see you share my love of intestines."
    Glenn: "Ah Please my breakfast..."
    Claire: "I must confess I sometimes grab one of those quite early in the day, just a quickie."

  44. Claire on the courtroom: "Look at this paneling it goes with this frock Im glad I wore it. Isnt it lovely?"

  45. Baliff: "Swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?"
    Claire: "Do I strike you as a person capable the whole truth?"