Ally Mcbeal Character Quotes: Corretta Lipp

Here are some of the memorable quotes used in the show
  1. Liza: "I’m off to workout."
    Raymond: "In a stall?"
    Liza: "You’ve never done it in a stall before?"
    Raymond: "It‘s a little cramped isn‘t it?"
    Liza: "John gave me his hole."
    Corretta: "Richard you might want to blot that drool."
    Richard: "What‘s the sexiest thing on a woman."
    Raymond: "Me."
    Richard: "No, not you... not me... not any piece of clothing. Sweat."
    Raymond: "Sweat?"

  2. Liza: "My clients being charged with bigamy, she has two husbands."
    Corretta: "What‘s your defense?"
    Liza: "That she‘s entitled."

  3. Claire: "Pre-nuptial?"
    Richard: "Well Claire you have money he doesn‘t we just want to make sure your protected."
    Coretta: "Have you even broached this with him."
    Claire: "Well I did mention protection once, he put on a condom."

  4. John: "Look Liza we‘re lawyers it‘s our job to make people hate each other you can‘t hold us liable for ah...."
    Liza: "Look Fishy, may I call you Fishy? I realize that this little law firm of yours has something against love, no of you are in relationships, one of your senior partners is getting all wigged out because she can‘t get past first base with a plumber and the rest of you can‘t some much as get a date. I have no problem with that, you’re each entitled to your lonely lives but when you start reek havoc between to innocent people who do believe in love, two people like Claire & Jerome, I‘m sorry I get a little overly sentimental, I‘m a sap for romance. Don‘t talk to her and don‘t talk to him. Keep you mouth shut and I‘ll drop the lawsuit."
    Coretta: "We have to be able to advise her."
    Liza: "You talk you lose."
    Coretta: "She‘s vicious."

  5. Richard: "Can you believe it my first love."
    Corretta: "Look at the positive Richard you‘ve been where no man will ever go again."
    Nelle: "It‘s payback for all your homophobia."
    Richard: "I don‘t find that supportive Nelle."

  6. Mr. Cobb: "Two of our people were on the first plane Miss Lipp, we‘ve had to deal with loss, that last thing we need is..."
    Corretta: "So you’re protecting the other members of your firm from having to deal with more loss."
    Mr. Cobb: "You say it like it‘s nothing. Trust me it‘s not nothing."

  7. Corretta: "Ally has plumbing problems... in here house"
    Glenn: "Jenny has plumbing problems in not her house."

  8. Elaine: "Harriet‘s got my man."
    Corretta: "Already?"
    John: "How long got it take, she narrowed her list to anybody."

  9. Corretta to John: "Grumpy old man."

  10. Richard: "She wants this to be a labor of love."
    Nelle: "Oh make me vomit my intestines."
    Coretta: "(coughing) Witch."

  11. Corretta: "This party in the bar, it will in fact be a party right?"
    Richard: "Of course, why?"
    Corretta: "Cause I think we all need one."

  12. Corretta: "Hi Nelle."
    Elaine: "How‘s it going?"
    Nelle: "What‘s the catch?"
    Elaine: "Nothing, Corretta and I are having a little girl’s night out tonight and we thought you might want to join. Maybe Ling too."
    Nelle: "Please."
    Corretta: "Is that a no?"
    Nelle: "You want to meet men and they’re drawn to beautiful women. You want to use me for bait. Ling too. What time?"
    Elaine: "8 O‘clock the bar."
    Nelle: "Fine."
    Corretta: "Great."

  13. Corretta: "Do you remember when we first met?"
    John: "Yes, what of it."
    Corretta: "Well I don‘t remember. First impressions count for so much and you don‘t make one. You need to change that."

  14. Corretta: "I paid my way through college doing men makeovers."
    John: "Men makeovers? You think I need a makeover?"
    Corretta: "Well maybe a touch here and there."