Ally Mcbeal Character Quotes: Jenny Shaw

Here are some of the memorable quotes used in the show
  1. Jenny: "It doesn‘t even fit I look ridiculous."
    Ally: "It‘s a bride‘s maid dress it‘s suppose to look ridiculous."

  2. Jenny: "I person shouldn‘t be the bearer of both bad news and vomit."

  3. Jenny: "I’m not comfortable with you dogging my mother."
    Richard: "Where's your yuletide spirit, deck the halls, tis‘ the season to get your jolly, I‘m tired of the religious sled here ah people. What‘s that song... ah.... wattle wonderland?"

  4. Jenny to Elaine: "Just keep your grubby, horny little paws off Glenn."

  5. Jenny: "I hear you‘re still coming on to Glenn"
    Elaine: "Jenny, they‘re Christmas songs."
    Jenny: "Look Elaine, when I guy moves on somebody else's girl they usually settle it with fists, with women they talk things out. I prefer the guy way."

  6. Raymond: "If the answer is no would you object to me dating your mother?"
    Jenny: "She‘s getting married Raymond."
    Raymond: "Oh, then it‘s great one obsticale removed."

  7. Jenny: "Raymond‘s being sued for sexual harassment, big shock but he‘s hired me to defend him which actually is a shock."

  8. Raymond: "You know for someone who professes to be open minded, do you even care to hear my side of the story, do you just want to rush to judgment?"
    Jenny: "What‘s your side?"
    Raymond: "I‘m guilty. Now let‘s get started."

  9. Jenny: "Raymond if I’m going to be you lawyer I will be your lawyer, I’m not going to be your puppet."
    Raymond: "Too bad I was hoping to put my hand up your...."

  10. Raymond: "Juries go for gangly adorable girls there‘s research."
    Jenny: "That kind of flattery just leaves me wet."

  11. Julie: "There is a line Miss Shaw."
    Jenny: "And you proclaim to know where this line is?"
    Julie: "No, but when one lawyer tells the other that he polished the pink helmet with me in mind, that... that I think that crosses it."

  12. Jenny to Glenn: "For you to come in here and try to flog me off on you best friend so that you can shag Ally with a clean conscience, it‘s despicable Glenn. It‘s not who you are so I can only assume that your thinking with the one part of you that I no longer associate myself with. Now I’m late for court."

  13. Jenny on Raymond: "He didn‘t even wave his right to be a pig and he was still very persuasive."

  14. Ally on men: "Jenny they like football, as a whole they are a dumb sex. There I said it."
    Jenny: "Are you telling me there‘s not one funny, smart, decent looking guy."
    Ally: "No of course there is."
    Jenny: "Well where is he?"
    Ally: "Detroit."

  15. Glenn on Raymond‘s singing: "I begged him not to do this."
    Elaine: "He‘s not terrible"
    Jenny: "No he isn‘t, you said he couldn‘t hit a note."
    Elaine: "He‘s hitting on of mine."

  16. Jenny to Ally: "Okay let me get this straight, you had a dream of me having a dream about Raymond and Glen fighting?"

  17. Jenny to Ally: "Okay you‘re weirder than me"

  18. Jenny: "We can win this for a lot of money"
    Glenn: "In your dreams or maybe hers."

  19. John: "Don‘t you have a huge day tomorrow on your telephone case?"
    Jenny: "Yeah so?"
    John: "Do you think opposing counsel is out tonight celebrating? What are you celebrating?"
    Jenny: "I don‘t know dad that it‘s nighttime."

  20. Jenny: "Don‘t you know those are cancer sticks? You can die from cigars."
    Raymond: "Jenny how you doing? You ever see those old wrinkled people on the street, in parks, where ever. You ever stopped to think... maybe if they had smoked they’d never would have become old?"

  21. Jenny to Ally: "When I grow up I want to be you."

  22. Jenny after Ally ran into her: "No, it’s not broken, I didn‘t even love him anymore."

  23. Jenny on Glenn: "He would take his finger and he would tickle my utteris."

  24. Elaine: "Ally they’ve already started the staff meeting."
    Jenny: "I thought nothing happened here without you?"
    Elaine: "She said that?"
    Ally: "On never mind Elaine."

  25. Jenny: "They deliberately call at dinner and I don‘t have a lot of free time, I don‘t want to spend what little time I have listen to some idiot tell be how I can call England for 10 cents a minute."

  26. Jenny: "It‘s him."
    Ally: "Him who? The cute utteris tickler?"

  27. Jenny on her old firm: "I‘m not a vulgar person Ally but I really think their... pricks."

  28. Jenny: "You thought he (Raymond) was cute."
    Ally: "I did not."
    Jenny: "You did, you looked down and gave you outfit a quick glance over. I know do that too, when I meet a cute guy I check my outfit and my breasts to make sure they‘re still there."

  29. Jenny after she called Raymond a dink in court: "Sorry your honor you can disregard the dink part that‘s inside information."

  30. Jenny: "Oh this is for me ‘Lady Is A Tramp’. That‘s what he (Glenn) use to call me, his little tramp."
    Ally: "Oh, how romantic."