Ally Mcbeal Character Quotes: Maddie

Here are some of the memorable quotes used in the show
  1. Ally: "Just try to stay calm all right."
    Maddie: "Ally I'm calm you‘re the one that called the fire department"

  2. Maddie: "Do we care for sprinkles?"
    Ally: "On no, just frosting would be fine."
    Maddie: "And do we want the full 35 candles on top?"
    Ally: "Um that‘s funny... funny."

  3. Ally: "When you do start dating and you‘re spending time with your boyfriend you should try to minimize the obsessing about the old boyfriend."
    Maddie: "I‘ll try to remember that."

  4. Maddie on Mary Ellen‘s death: "I think she checked out during fear factor."

  5. Imaginary Larry: "I‘m back."
    Ally: "What to you mean your back?"
    Imaginary Larry: "I was hoping to move in."
    Ally: "Move in... move in?"
    Imaginary Larry: "Are you thinking about it?"
    Maddie: "Why are you talking to the door?"
    Ally: "I do that sometimes, I talk to doors, windows, ceilings whatever."
    Maddie: "Do they ever talk back?"
    Ally: "Now why would I need them to talk back when I have a daughter."

  6. Maddie: "This is a mistake"
    Ally: "You‘re the one who said he was cute."
    Maddie: "No I mean your hair. You shouldn‘t go with the big do."

  7. Maddie: "Victor‘s seen you many times before Ally, he‘s going to think some things up if your hair is neat."

  8. Ally: "I had a bad dream."
    Maddie: "Again?"
    Ally: "Please let me sleep in your bed."
    Maddie: "Ally you‘ve got to stop doing this."
    Ally: "I swear this will be my last time."
    Maddie: "You have to go right to sleep"
    Ally: "Promise"

  9. Maddie: "Ally the stork facility may be capable of making mistakes but Bonnie she isn‘t, she anus about stuff like that."
    Ally: "I think that you mean anal."

  10. Maddie: "Why are you crying?"
    Ally: "Because you‘re my daughter."

  11. Maddie: "Marvin broke up with me that should be good news."
    Ally: "Hmm, I‘m sorry to hear that."
    Maddie: "No you‘re not."
    Ally: "Yes I am. Why did he break up with you."
    Maddie: "He wanted to have sex... I think just kissing."
    Ally: "You‘re ten."
    Maddie: "I know."

  12. Maddie: "French kissing, what is it?"
    Ally: "Sorry?"
    Maddie: "They‘re talking about French kissing, what is it?"
    Ally: "I don‘t want them talking about French kissing."
    Victor: "Ally..."
    Maddie: "Come on hurry up tell me!"
    Ally: "You touch tongues."
    Maddie: "Really you stick out your tongues?"
    Ally: "No you don‘t stick them you, you just..."
    Maddie: "Show me."
    Ally: "I am not going to show you."
    Maddie: "Give me a demonstration with Victor."
    Ally: "I will not."
    Maddie: "Come on there could be worse things."
    Ally: "Your tongues touch that‘s your explanation now go back to bed. I should not have given her a demonstration."
    Victor: "No you should not have given her a demonstration."
    Ally: "I‘ll go pour the wine."

  13. Maddie: "Fine you’re a responsible mom have a cookie."

  14. Maddie: "I‘m not going, got it!"
    Ally: "Just get your pissy little as up and to the breakfast table, now!"

  15. Ally: "That‘s not the point Maddie."
    Maddie: "What is the point...Ally?"

  16. Ally: "Given that you a prone to point missing Maddie, why don‘t we just setup a fail safe and you check on things with me first okay."
    Maddie: "Would that include vomit cause I’m about to puke here."
    Ally: "Yes it would apply to vomit."

  17. Ally: "What you don‘t like it? You know Cheerios are one of the few things I can actually make."
    Maddie: "The Cheerios are fine the chatters a little annoying."
    Ally: "Sorry. Could I get you some juice?"
    Maddie: "Could you? I’m sure you can you look able, may you I‘ll let you know."

  18. Maddie: "The plumber cooks"
    Ally: "Wow."
    Maddie: "He likes to cook"
    Ally: "You did all this?"
    Maddie: "You should be all over him like a blanket."
    Ally: "Thank you Maddie, please eat your dinner."

  19. Maddie: "Are you Allison McBeal?"
    Ally: "I am."
    Maddie: "Do you like surprises?"
    Ally: "I hate them. Am I about to get one?"
    Maddie: "Sort of. Do you want it straight up or would you like to sit down?"
    Ally: "Hit me."
    Maddie: "I‘m your daughter. Did you hear me?"
    Ally: "Uh huh, I‘m just waiting for the little fantasy beat to be over... your still standing there."

  20. Bonnie: "I am talking!"
    Maddie: "So am I."

  21. Maddie to Bonnie: "Could you be anymore demanding?"

  22. Ally: "A 10 year old daughter doesn‘t just show up at my door and then take a 1 O‘Clock flight."
    Maddie: "I‘ll be gone isn‘t that what you want?"

  23. Maddie: "Can I call you mom?"
    Ally: "I don‘t thing I‘ve quite earned that why don‘t we start off with..."
    Maddie: "Step thing?"
    Ally: "Ally."
    Maddie: "Ally."