Ally Mcbeal Character Quotes: Renee Radick

Here are some of the memorable quotes used in the show
  1. Ally: "Renee... Renee"
    Renee: "It‘s like you said we‘ll be forced to make an effort now."
    Ally: "That‘s right."

  2. Ally: "I knew the first time that I met him Renee that that man (Larry) would either make or break me."
    Renee: "No man is capable of doing either with you Ally and you know that."
    Ally: "Uh your right. You’re right. You’re right."
    Renee: "Whenever you get like this we always have ice cream but under the circumstances..."
    Ally: "Under the circumstances I’m gonna go to work"

  3. Ally: "He seemed erratic Renee, he didn‘t even seem like himself."
    Renee: "Well if he‘s emotionally..."
    Ally: "He‘s gone."
    Renee: "He‘s not gone."
    Ally: "He leaves notes did you know that?"
    Renee: "Sorry?"
    Ally: "He‘s can’t deal with goodbyes so he leaves notes. I‘m gonna get a note."

  4. Renee teasing Ally: "You don‘t look a day over 40."

  5. Renee to Ally: "It’s not like your a pathetic lonely single desperate woman on the verge of spinster hood like you were last year. You got a man. Which is all you ever wanted out of life. To latch on to a husband and where nice outfits, this is your dream. It’s coming true so be happy."

  6. Renee: "You were diving across the floor to?"
    Ally: "Oh, oh that. Well that stupid dancing baby is back I was just trying to kill it. I‘m fine Renee."

  7. Ally: "Doesn‘t that make you jealous (Jackson & Elaine‘s duet)?"
    Ling: "With her, please."
    Renee: "What about me? We both slept with the guy, if I can deal so can you."
    Ling: "You two slept together?"
    Renee: "We dosed off one night watching the news."

  8. Renee on Jackson: "That man runs about as deep as an ink well. Which means I suppose Ling might drowned."

  9. Larry: "Ally you’re against smiling on principal, what‘s going on? What‘s going on?"
    Renee: "Don‘t look at me."
    Larry: "Okay fine then back to you, what‘s going on?"
    Ally: "Well um, well John, he asked me for a few tips on how to oppose you in court. So I suggested that he break your rhythm. You know since you’re a little useless without it. Cute, but useless."

  10. Jackson: "Ally. Larry."
    Larry: "Jackson."
    Ally: "Okay what am I missing?"
    Larry: "Jackson‘s upset I didn‘t commit malpractice and advise Julie to sign a ludicrous pre-nup"
    Jackson: "What‘s ludicrous is that your client even cares. Marriage should be about love. Now a pre-nup that‘s about money."
    Larry: "Who‘s idea was the pre-nup Jackson?"
    Ally: "Okay, okay. You know Jackson you were a little dicey just trying to slide into the"
    Jackson: "Excuse me, dicey?"
    Ally: "Well representing a...."
    Jackson: "You know what? I‘m not even in the mood for your issues"
    Larry: "Alright."
    Ally: "My issues what are my issues?"
    Jackson: "Look lady."
    Renee: "Ally."
    Larry: "Jackson."
    Jackson: "First you’re kissing me."
    Ally: "I thought you were him."
    Jackson: "Then you climb into bed."
    Ally: "I thought you were her."
    Jackson: "And your hands were all up on my privates."
    Ally: "Well because I thought it was the remote control."
    Larry: "Hold on."
    Jackson: "Felt like the remote did it?"
    Ally: "Yes it did feel like the remote control, hard, plastic."
    Renee: "Excuse me?"
    Jackson: "Oh please don‘t flatter yourself."
    Larry: "Excuse me too. You hand your hand on his"
    Jackson: "Remote."
    Renee: "Hard plastic?"
    Jackson: "Men have it when they’re sleeping"
    Larry: "Remotes?"
    Jackson: "No erections and it had nothing to do with her thin little hand."
    Ally: "Oh, well isn‘t that the remote calling the wrist skinny."
    Jackson: "What?"

  11. Renee after sleeping with Jackson: "If he doesn‘t call after where he‘s just been he‘s a total pig."

  12. Ally: "Ah...he...I-I-I was hallucinating."
    Renee: "What, you saw Larry?"
    Ally: "No"
    Renee: "Al Green?"
    Ally: "No"
    Renee: "Gloria Gaynor?"
    Ally: "No"
    Renee: "Then who did you see?"
    Ally: "Barry Manilow... call 9-1-1"

  13. Renee: "I’d rather be with Jackson Duper."

  14. Nelle: "If this keeps up you and I are going to have to be friends."
    Renee: "It'll never come to that."
    Nelle: "Promise?"
    Renee: "You don't fool me. If I offered you some of my jelly roll you'd step right up."
    Nelle: "How would you know? You've never offered."

  15. Renee's advice to Ally on Larry's ex-girlfriend: "Put that bitch back on a plane to Detroit"

  16. Renee after advising Ally: "I know men, why do you think I'm not with one?"

  17. Mark on Richard & Ling's lip synching: "Is he kidding?"
  18. Elaine: "I'm not sure."
  19. Ally: "They've got to be kidding."
  20. Renee: "I don't know."

  21. Ally: "It's Christmas. Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy."
    Renee: "Oh, please. What's everybody's favorite Christmas movie? 'It's A Wonderful Life'. Jimmy Stewart. He tries to commit suicide. He jumps off a bridge."

  22. "Ally for the first few dates guys use their hands after the date"- Renee

  23. "Ally on the first date your supposed to sleep together"- Renee to Ally contemplating her first kiss with Larry

  24. "Girls often do get nervous Ally, but your thirty. Why are you watching a video"- Renee on Ally's how to kiss video

  25. "Aren't you afraid of giving him a heart attack?"-Renee on Ally's older man

  26. Renee: "So, you've had affairs with three different assistants? That's a pretty high rate, don't you think?"
    Myra: "Not really, considering since I was about 16 almost every man I've ever met has wanted to sleep with me."
    Renee: "And you're proud of that?"
    Myra: "I'm proud that I've never used it as currency, yes but when I meet a man who I want to be with I have problem asking, just like I've been asked thousands of times. And just like I've been free to say no all those times so are they."
    John: "Your honor, that was an excellent response. I'd like my client to repeat it in case any of the jurors missed it."

  27. Ally: "You think that I am a desperate person don't you?"
    Ling: "Ally, you're all desperate. Five gorgeous women, Halloween night, parties all over town, you're dateless. That's pathetic. You're lonely, desperate women. Why can't you just admit it?
    Renee: "You're here. What are you?
    Ling: "I have my Richard."

  28. "Maybe Brian is not the guy but stay away from therapist."- Renee to Ally

  29. "He's so dull I've lost interest in the question."- Renee on Brian

  30. "With these kinds of decisions there's only one person who can know the answer. We both know who that is. A therapist."- Renee advising Ally on Brian

  31. "You won't even go to bed with a man unless you story board it first," Renee to Ally

  32. "This is your typical mating dance where you always end up mateless," Renee on Ally's dating

  33. "This is the problem of playing games, somebody has to lose," Renee on all the dating rules

  34. "Emotionally your an idiot." -Renee to Ally