Over The Rainbow

Season: 3

Episode: 11

Production Code: #3M11

First Air Date: Fenruary 7, 2000

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Alan Myerson

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 0

Guest Stars:

Curtis Armstrong as attorney Fallow
Roy Brocksmith as Judge Raymond Norway
Jim Davidson as Process Server
Amy Castle as young Ally
Nicholas Pappone as young Billy
Shane Dawson as young Fish
Renee Goldsberry as a singer
Sy Smith as a singer
Vatrena King as a singer


Knee-pit masseur, flagrant wattle wiggling, Julie Andrews sudsfest, spanking John..........

The scary thing about a list of that magnitude is that you're kind of left thinking the sum of our beloved show's parts equal nothing more than Melrose Place, minus the explosions.

Should Ally be considered simply another guilty pleasure or is there some underlying meaning that this viewer is missing?

The past was being flaunted via Georgia's lawsuit deeming the firm's Club Med with ties rep as the culprit for the collapse of her marriage. Give us all a break, how long will it be before Ally is suing Ally for defamation of character?

Out of curiosity, if you're like most human beings and hate at least some aspect of your life, whom would you sue? I'm thinking David E. Kelley since I know he can do better.

Since this was Sweeps you had to at least be "Blair Witch is real" dense to not see past the repetitive extravaganza of this episode. Exhibits A (not Ally) through C: A case about a sexually charged workplace, Nelle segueing from her usual circus garb into latter-day pilgrim, and the supposedly new man in town, white-knighting it, only this time for his wife instead of Ally. Never seen this before.

Fish is the only one here who came perilously close to character development, surely a network error. While Georgia is now styling herself after Cathy Rigby, Richard is the real Peter Pan deal and he ever so momentarily felt guilt pangs.

It comes down to where do you feel most at home, the somber Practice or Ally McBeal? Presumably a sanitarium would be a smart retirement option.

At one point Richard wonders what happened to the fun? Wouldn't we all like to know?

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