Do You Wanna Dance

Season: 3

Episode: 19

Production Code: AM-319

First Air Date: May 8, 2000

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Michael Lange

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 0

Special Guest Star:

James LeGros as Mark "The Closer" Albert

Guest Stars:

Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Chris "Thunderthighs" Emerson
Tim Dutton as Brian Selig
Jamie Denton as Jimmy Bender
Thomas McCarthy as Peter Hanks
Claire Rankin as Susan Hanks
Michele Gregory as the court clerk
Holland Taylor as Judge Roberta Kittleson
Mary Chris Wall as Sally Emerson
Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
Alicia Rene Washington as the Assistant District Attorney
Jorge Luis Abreu as a waiter
Ty Upshaw as a Detective
Jennings Bryan McMillen as Jury Foreman
Sy Smith as a singer
Vatrena King as a singer
Cynthia Calhoun as a singer


The sinkhole that is Allyís love life is beginning to reach Grand Canyon proportions.

Aging American beauty seeks shirt to rip off the back of overly intellectualized teen, how very Dawsonís Creek? Proving himself undeserving of the Kirk Cameron disappearing act, Jonathan Taylor Thomas does a great smarmy Pacey parody. Still this is the second time the lady lawyer has flirted with a near child and the ickiness level is rising.

Has a line been crossed or is net sex with the Sesame Street set actually hilarious?

Ally does know a couple guys not born in the eighties. First there is the stereotypical Brit (also a lawyer) with fluttering Hugh Grant lashes, apparently the Ralph Fiennes type is romantic yet not annoying enough for this series. Then thereís Mark, who doesnít have any visible personality traits whatsoever.

Last two men on earth, who do you choose, yawner Mark, or twitchy Brian?

As for the case that Allyís two suitors were fighting over, it was the usual cotton candy fluff. A man is distressed because his best bud and wife got fleshy while his back was turned. That verdict was nearly as uncertain as The Practice getting that guy off death row, really edge of the seat.

Ever wonder if Kelley is spending far too much couch time in front of Judge Judy?

Having dealt with the ugly and the bad, the good is actually getting really good. Nelle and John are behaving like Seinfeld refugees. The former odd couple is so self-absorbed itís a miracle they have time to sling those Buffy worthy barbs at one another.

Nelle and John, are they better as enemies or lovers?

Even with those two on track the rest of the cast is still stuck on their hamster treadmills. Ally falls for the unlovable. Richard says eighty double entendres. Four talented ladies play colorful window dressing.

Is the show in a rut or do you enjoy Allyís spinning wheel of non-keepers?

Itís time to find the doe-eyed waif a Mr. Big before she gets adjourned once and for all.

©1999 Almost Human