Hope & Glory

Season: 3

Episode: 20

Production Code: AM-320

First Air Date: May 15, 2000

Writer: David E. Kelley

Director: Mel Damski

# of Times Richard said Bygones: 0

Special Guest Star:

James LeGros as Mark "The Closer" Albert

Guest Stars:

Alicia Witt as Hope Mercey
Tim Dutton as Brian Selig
Mary-Pat Green as Julia "Bulldog" Brattle
Allen Williams as Milton Meyers
Albert Hall as Judge Seymore Walsh
Macy Gray as herself


It’s lockdown time in the Cuckoo’s Nest.

With Macy Gray opening the show it was like kismet, like the Pied Piper of Nutville had finally arrived. All of a sudden the compulsive lyrics of "I try" had Ally smacking faces with that grating English gent whom she and we have barely met.

Where did this shiny, happy lawyer girl blow in from? I can find faults galore with this Rupert Everett wishful-thinker, why can’t she?

While Ally may be severed from her character, Nelle dove deep inside of hers to delicious effect. The buttery blond set aside her conscience for at least fifty minutes, long enough, bless her little heart, to be a catalyst for change.

First we met the mod Medusa, Hope Mercey, who actually has me worried for Richard. Alicia Witt is so good at being slithering, that I’m not sure whether to even call her Nelle’s "partner in crime."

Is there room for two diabolical women with great hair? Only if that secret is truly explosive.

With the snap of her fingers, Nelle had John and Richard at each other’s throats, entertaining, even if they have all the pugilistic talents of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Still this episode did go wayward; there was no safe place to look during the slo-mo arm wattle or Richard’s exploration of Hope’s belly button. Ew.

Shouldn’t there be laws against some of these triple-ick situations? Bad enough Jessica Fletcher has a love interest.

Nelle’s manipulations also led to a mini-showcase of Elaine, whom when not excruciatingly annoying, can actually be quite endearing in her needy naiveté. Leaves you wondering why every man has only eyes for that wishy-washy Ally.

Wouldn’t shy Mark and the brashy secretary make an interesting match?

Crystal and Alexis. Amanda and the pool. Aaron Spelling’s recipe is right on target, even on a David E. Kelley show. Find a powerhouse villainess and receive instant resuscitation.

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