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  1. If Elaine hit on you would you date her, and if not why not? (Results so far)

  2. What do you think the girl/girl kissing? (Results so far)Do you think Renee could actually be a defence attoroney? (Results so far)

  3. If Ally & Nelle finally got tired of not being able to find men, do you think they would get together? (Results so far)

  4. Will Richard & Ling work out? (Results so far)

  5. Is Renee a good roommate for Ally, & why (not)? (Results so far)

  6. After "Making Spirits Bright," what do you think about the future of Ally and Billy? (Results so far)

  7. What to you think of that red hat Ally was wearing in the Dec 14/98 Christmas episode? (Results so far)

  8. Would John "the biscuit" Cage & Nelle Porter be a good couple? (Results so far)

  9. Do you agree that Ally is the most boring character in the series? (Results so far)

  10. Was the frog really that cute? (Results so far)

  11. When Will Ally Find Mr.Right? (Results so far)

  12. If you were Richard/John, would you have hired Nell Porter? (Results so far)

  13. If you were Elaine's boss would you fire her? (Results so far)

  14. Does banging your head against a wall relieve stress? (Results so far)

  15. Will Billy ever leave Georgia for Ally? (Results so far)

  16. Which female character is the most true-to life? (Results so far)

  17. Who would you rather have now as Billy's girlfriend/wife, Georgia or Ally? (Results so far)

  18. Who from the firm would you most like to have as your defense lawyer in a civil suit? (Results so far)

  19. If you needed to hire a lawyer, would you hire Fish, Cage and Assoc.? (Results so far)

  20. Who do you think would or is a better couple? (Results so far)

  21. Is Georgia superior to Ally as a laywer and also beauty? (Results so far)

  22. Should Georgia and Billy have a baby? (Results so far)

  23. Who really needs to go to a shrink? (Results so far)

  24. Who is your favourite ex-boyfriend of Ally's and why? (Results so far)

  25. Do you think Bobby will really come back for Ally after he resolves his "baggage"? (Results so far)

  26. Does anyone know a therapist with unconvential forms of therapy, like Tracy on the show? (Results so far)

  27. Do you think Ally should have gone out with the fat man (lawyer)? (Results so far)

  28. Do you currently have a relationship like Billy and Ally's? (Results so far)

  29. Who thinks the Dancing Baby should be shown more on Ally McBeal? (Results so far)

  30. Should Ally & the Biscuit date? (Results so far)

  31. Will Renee ever win a case against Ally? (Results so far)

  32. Do you think Elaine will ever get the attention she wants sooooo badly? (Results so far)

  33. Do you think Ally and Billy will ever get it on? (Results so far)

  34. Do you think Renee should get together with Biscuit and rock his world? (Results so far)

  35. Who thinks Ally should have dated the Rabbi? (Results so far)

  36. Have you ever "penguined" a guy like Rene and Ally did to the sculpting class model? (Results so far)

  37. Do you think Dr. Greg Butters (Jesse L. Martin) should stay on as Ally's Love interest? (Results so far)

  38. Do you think Ally Mcbeal's true love was the Doctor she defended and he moved to Chicago? (Results so far)

  39. Do you think Ally will ever find another true love? (Results so far)

  40. Would you allow your husband to work at the same office with his ex-girlfriend/childhood friend? (Results so far)

  41. Do you think that Billy should break up with Georgia to get back together with Ally? (Results so far)

  42. Would you work in the same office, for the same firm as your ex-boyfriend (whom you still deeply love)? (Results so far)

  43. Will Richard & Whipper get back together? (Results so far)

  44. Would you do business with a 9 year old lawyer? (Results so far)

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