Ally McBeal Visual Effects

Here are some of the visual effects David E. Kelley has used in the show
  1. Ally & Elaine roll on the ground like dogs at the site of Victor (One Hundred Tears Away)

  2. Ally visualized her foot in her mouth after she told Katherine her (dead) husband meant a lot to her

  3. As Ronald dumped Ally for going to Billy instead of him Ally visualized herself being dumped in the trash (The Affair)

  4. Ally visualized her head in a guillotine as she told Katherine Dawson in was just a mid-life crisis (The Affair)

  5. Ally visualized her foot in her mouth after saying the wake was a wonderful night (The Affair)

  6. While Ally remembered meeting her kids, Mrs.Dawson asked Ally to speak at the Prof.'s funeral (The Affair)

  7. Ally had memories of her affair with her professer as his wife asked her to be a pallbearer at his funeral (The Affair)

  8. Ally saw people on tread mills using Elaine's face bra (The Affair)

  9. Ally turned red (The Kiss)

  10. Ally was dumped by a dump truck (The Kiss)

  11. Billy's picture was taken repeatedly as he stood behind Georgia & ally and Richard said he saw the picture perfectly (The Kiss)

  12. Ally saw a horse pooping as Jack Billings did his closing (The Kiss)

  13. Elaine's head grew when she was talking about herself (Compromising Positions)

  14. Ally heard the 'Leave It To Beaver' Theme song when Billy talked about his idyllic home life (Compromising Positions)

  15. Ally imagined Judge Boyle with a hooker (Compromising Positions)

  16. Ally imagined she was a hooker after hearing Ronald decided to be a client (Compromising Positions)

  17. Ally vomitted after hearing John apologize for picking up a hooker (Compromising Positions)

  18. Ally's big tongue licked Bobby & spun him around (These Are The Days)

  19. Georgia & Elaine's tongues were hanging on the ground when they saw Bobby (These Are The Days)

  20. Ally had a big hole through her stomach as a reaction to Georgia being pregnant (Being There)

  21. Everyone danced to Ally's silly theme song "Bill" in Ally's mind of course (Being There)

  22. Ally turned into a panting dog when looking at Bobby (The Inmates)

  23. Ally imagine herself with no arms or legs like Renee's joke (The Dirty Joke)

  24. Ally shrank (The Dirty Joke)

  25. Ally imagined she was Barbara Walters (The Dirty Joke)

  26. Ally imagined the car tipping over when Harry (a large man) got in (The Promise)

  27. The mailroom girl was showered with water (The Promise)

  28. Ally had slime on her face (Drawing The Lines)

  29. Billy imagined ball room dancing with Ally (Drawing The Lines)

  30. Richard & Billy's tongues hang out about a foot (Drawing The Lines)

  31. A gaint ball fell on her (Pilot)

  32. Arrows thru her heart (Pilot)

  33. Her breast grew (Pilot)

  34. Imagined Elaine's head growing (Pilot)

  35. Made love to Billy in a coffee cup (Pilot)

  36. Ally's chair grew & she got smaller (Pilot)