American Dreams- Biography:
Ethan Dampf / Will Pryor

Character Name: Will Pryor (2002- )

Birth Date: May 27, 1994

Birth Place: California, USA

Birth Name: Ethan Raymond Dampf




Marital Status:

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About the character:

About the actor:

Ethan Dampf began acting shortly after birth -- 15 days to be exact -- when he starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Danny DeVito’s newborn son in the feature film “Junior.” Now slightly older, the 8-year-old stars as the youngest member of the Pryor family, Will, in the new NBC drama “American Dreams.”

Born in Orange County, California, Dampf comes from a theatrical family, as both his mother and 12-year-old sister are actors. Unfortunately, due to his casting in “American Dreams,” Dampf jokes that he has decided to forgo his acting career in order to pursue his newest love and become a professional football player, a dream he shares with his character Will.

While waiting for the pros to call, Dampf has made numerous television appearances, including guest roles on “Daddio,” “Judging Amy,” “Oh Baby” and the daytime drama “Sunset Beach.” Most recently Dampf co-starred with one of the actors from his debut role, appearing as Schwarzenegger’s son in “Collateral Damage,” released earlier this year. He also starred alongside Lisa Kudrow in the feature “Hanging Up.” Dampf has appeared in a variety of commercials nation-wide.

When he is not “living” in the 1960s, Dampf enjoys piano, dance, singing and swimming. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his family. His birthday is May 27.