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What other show would you like to she American Dreams cast members guest star on?

Almost Human's Casting

  1. Ethan Dampf- Bernie Mac
  2. Will Estes- E.R.
  3. Joey Lawrence- The Wire
  4. Vanessa Lengies- The L Word
  5. Virginia Madsen- CSI
  6. Gail O'Grady- Deadwood
  7. Sarah Ramos- Malcom In The Middle
  8. Brittany Snow- Arrested Development
  9. Milo Ventimiglia- Joey
  10. Tom Verica- Alias
  11. Jonathan Adams- Kevin Hill
  12. Arlen Escarpet- Six Feet Under

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Amber's Top 5 (Hephzibah, GA USA)

  1. Rachel Boston- gilmore girls
  2. Jamie Elman- that 70s show
  3. Will Estes- 8 simple rules
  4. Joey Lawrence- according to jim
  5. Vanessa Lengies- gilmore girls
  6. Virginia Madsen- medium
  7. Gail O'Grady- Desperate housewives
  8. Aysia Polk- bernie mac
  9. Sarah Ramos- Gilmore Girls
  10. Keith Robinson- E.R
  11. Brittany Snow- 7th heaven
  12. Milo Ventimiglia- that 70s show
  13. Daphne Zuniga- 8 simple rules

Sarah's Casting (Lakeland, FL USA)

  1. Rachel Boston- Gilmore Girls
  2. Ethan Dampf- According to Jim
  3. Vanessa Lengies- 7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls
  4. Gail O'Grady- 7th Heaven
  5. Sarah Ramos- 7th Heaven
  6. Brittany Snow- Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven
  7. Tom Verica- 7th Heaven

Dave's Casting (North Syracuse, NY USA)

  1. Rachel Boston- Smallville
  2. Ethan Dampf- Crossing Jordan
  3. Arlen Escarpet- Star Trek : Enterprise
  4. Will Estes- Stargate SG-1
  5. Vanessa Lengies- Will and Grace
  6. Gail O'Grady- ER
  7. Brittany Snow- Scrubs
  8. Tom Verica- Third Watch

Katheryn's Casting (Brantford, ON Canada)

  1. Jonathan Adams- yes dear
  2. Rachel Boston- boston public
  3. Ethan Dampf- malcolm in the middle
  4. Jamie Elman- reunion of student bodies
  5. Arlen Escarpet- angel
  6. Will Estes- 8 rules for dating my teenage daughter
  7. Jesse Hutch- buffy the vampire slayer
  8. Joey Lawrence- friends
  9. Vanessa Lengies- according to jim
  10. Virginia Madsen- law and order
  11. Gail O'Grady- everybody loves raymond
  12. Sarah Ramos- darkangel
  13. Brittany Snow- smallville
  14. Tom Verica- west wing
  15. Paul Wasliewski- alias

Paula's Casting (Marblehead, MA USA)

  1. Jonathan Adams- CSI: Miami
  2. Rachel Boston- Ed
  3. Ethan Dampf- West Wing
  4. Jamie Elman- 8 Simple Rules
  5. Arlen Escarpet- CSI
  6. Will Estes- Boston Public
  7. Jesse Hutch- Boomtown
  8. Joey Lawrence- Law and Order: Criminal Intent
  9. Vanessa Lengies- Presido Med
  10. Virginia Madsen- According to Jim
  11. Gail O'Grady- ER
  12. Sarah Ramos- Everybody loves Raymond
  13. Brittany Snow- Life with Bonnie
  14. Tom Verica- Law and Order
  15. Paul Wasliewski- Friends

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1) Jonathan Adams (Henry Walker)

2) Matthew John Armstrong (Pete Pryor)

3) Rachel Boston (Beth Mason)

4) Ethan Dampf (Will Pryor)

5) Jamie Elman (Luke Foley)

6) Arlen Escarpet (Sam Walker)

7) Will Estes (JJ Pryor)

8) Jesse Hutch (Jimmy Riley)

9) Joey Lawrence (Michael Brooks)

10) Vanessa Lengies (Roxanne Bojarski)

11) Virginia Madsen (Rebecca Sandstrom)

12) Gail O'Grady (Helen Pryor)

13) Aysia Polk (Angela Walker)

14) Sarah Ramos (Patty Pryor)

15) Keith Robinson (Nathan Walker)

16) Brittany Snow (Meg Pryor)

17) Milo Ventimiglia (Chris Pierce)

18) Tom Verica (Jack Pryor)

19) Paul Wasliewski (Tommy DeFelice)

20) Daphne Zuniga (Shelly Pierce)