Firefly- Biography:
Adam Baldwin / Jayne Cobb

Character Name: Jayne Cobb

Birth Date: February 27, 1962

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Height: 6' 4"



Marital Status:

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Schooling: Alumnus of New Trier Township High School East, Winnetka, IL.

Sports: Loves playing hockey. In Feb. 1997, Baldwin won the Celebrity Golf Association Tour's Orlando Classic.

Triva: No relation to the Baldwin brothers. Moved to L.A in 1984. Once worked as a truck driver.

About the character: Jayne "The Mercenary"- Big, tough and unpleasant; Jayne’s a loyal soldier… until he gets a better offer and for now, the best one he’s got is Serenity’s. For now.

About the actor: