Firefly- Biography:
Alan Tudyk / Wash Warren

Character Name: Wash Warren

Birth Date: March 16, 1971

Birth Name: Alan Wray Tudyk

Birth Place: El Paso, Texas, USA




Marital Status: Caucasian

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Trivia:Alan's most prized possession was a 1964 Mustang, which he named "Old Sock."

About the character: Wash "The Pilot"- Wash flies Serenity and is Zoe's husband. He is unassuming, self-deprecating and not at all the fiery hero type. He is the calm one with a sense of humor.

About the actor: Alan grew up in Plano, Texas. After high school Alan attended Lon Morris Jr College from 1990-1991 where he studied drama. While there he was an active member of Delta Psi Omega. In 1991 he was awarded the Academic Excellence award for Drama, as well as Most Likely to Succeed, and Sophmore Beaus. In 1993 he continued his studies at Juilliard until 1996, when he left before earning a degree. He currently lives in New York City.