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What other show would you like to she Firefly cast members guest star on?

Almost Human's Casting

  1. Morena Baccarin- Sex And The City
  2. Adam Baldwin- Oz
  3. Nathan Fillion- Six Feet Under
  4. Ron Glass- THird Watch
  5. Summer Glau- Angel
  6. Sean Maher- E.R.
  7. Jewel Staite- American Dreams
  8. Gina Torres- Boomtown
  9. Alan Tudyk- Alias

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Beckinsale's Casting (USA)

  1. Morena Baccarin- CSI: Miami
  2. Adam Baldwin- Scrubs
  3. Nathan Fillion- Judging Amy
  4. Ron Glass- Will & Grace
  5. Summer Glau- Tru Calling
  6. Sean Maher- ER
  7. Jewel Staite- ER
  8. Gina Torres- Alias
  9. Alan Tudyk- Yes, Dear

Rhea's Casting (AL USA)

  1. Morena Baccarin- Frasier
  2. Adam Baldwin- Angel
  3. Nathan Fillion- The West Wing
  4. Ron Glass- The West Wing
  5. Summer Glau- John Doe
  6. Sean Maher- Law and Order
  7. Jewel Staite- Scrubs
  8. Gina Torres- back on Alias for a few eps please!
  9. Alan Tudyk- Friends

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1) Morena Baccarin (Inara Serra)

2) Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb)

3) Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds )

4) Ron Glass (hepherd Book )

5) Summer Glau (River Tam)

6) Sean Maher (Dr. Simon Tam)

7) Jewel Staite (Kaywinnit Lee "Kaylee" Frye)

8) Gina Torres (ZoŽ Warren)

9) Alan Tudyk (Wash Warren)