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Theme Song: Empire Of My Mind by The Wallflowers

Nick Fallin (Baker) is a hot-shot thirty-something lawyer who's arrested for using drugs and sentenced to perform community service. While continuing to close lucrative deals at his father's ultra-successful law firm, Fallin & Associates, Nick is forced to work for a child advocacy office run by Alvin Masterson (Rosenberg), a boss who plays by the rules and is determined to keep Nick honest. There he also works with child advocate James Mooney (Whitfield).

Though his father, Burton (Coleman), waivers between pride and concern over his son's work performance, Nick attempts to appease him and the firm's high-paying clients while devoting his time to a place where he can help those truly in need. Straddling two vastly different worlds, Nick is determined to maintain his fast-paced lifestyle as he tackles cases involving kids caught up in difficult circumstances. Nick is joined at Fallin & Associates by his assistant Amanda Bowles (Leershen), and colleague, Jake Straka (Sbarge).