The Guardian- Season One

Episode: 1

Production #: 101

First Air Date: September 25, 2001

Writer: David Hollander

Director: Michael Pressman

Guest Stars:

Erik Knudsen as Hunter Reed
Kathleen Chalfant as Laurie Solt
Rusty Schwimmer as Barbara Ludzinski
Gerry Becker as Judge Stanton
Michael Pressman as Alex Steele
Tom Amandes as Dr.Thomas Reed
Jane Cooke as Teacher
Phillip Craig as Judge Wenlting
Ophira Eisenberg as Gretchen
Bruce Clayton as Dr. Samuels
Balazs Koos as Jerry
Dave Nichols as John Swann
Vincent Corazza as John Feeney
Louise Nicol as Phyllis Smaple
David Clement as Donald Smaple
Cynthia Ashperger .... Irene
Jane Cooke .... Teacher
Carson Durven .... Bailiff #1
Louise Granfield .... Social Service Attorney
Balázs Koós .... Jerry
Paul A. MacFarlane .... Bailiff #2
Cara Murdoch Barker .... Woman
Dave Nichols .... John Swann
Louise Nicol .... Phyllis Sample
Michael Pressman .... Alex Steele
Gerry Quigley .... Sherif #1
Karen Robinson .... Receptionist
Dan Warry-Smith .... Phil
Kenneth Welsh as ?

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


Nick Fallin, a high-powered, high-priced attorney living the good life is brought down to earth when he has to pay the price for his indulgent lifestyle. Busted for drugs, he must now perform 1,500 hours of community service and so Nick juggles his white-collar world of litigation with the not-for-profit world of child advocacy working with Children’s Legal Services. Under the supervision of Alvin Masterson, Nick is thrust into the life of Hunter Reed, a young boy who has witnessed the murder of his mother by his father’s hand. Back at Fallin & Associates, owned by Nick’s father, Burton Fallin, he is dealing with company presidents who are looking to bring their business to Pittsburgh and spoiled dot com kids who want to get rich quick.

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