The Guardian- Season One
The Funnies

Episode: 9

Production #: 109

First Air Date: November 27, 2001

Writer: Peter Parnell & Michael R. Perry

Director: Lou Antonio

Guest Stars:

Rusty Schwimmer as Barbara Ludzinski
Peter Birkenhead as Herb Conelly
Denise Dowse as Judge Rebecca Damsen
Bobby Brewer as ?
Daniel Roebuck as ?
Harry Groener as ?
Kelly Connell as ?
Brad Blaisdell as ?
David Michael as ?
Loren Lazerine as Matt Pushkin
Jill Remez as Sister Anne
Tobin Bell as ?
Tricia Dong as Dr. Toth
Rhonda Claerbaut as Mrs. Cook

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


In his continuing struggle to balance his work at Fallin & Assoc. and at Legal Services, Nick Fallin juggles two extremely vital cases. For Fallin & Assoc., Nick is trying to close a high-profile merger of a toy company owned by Lee Pierce. However, the original creator, Fulton Trout, of Bunny-Buddy, one of Pierce's toys, who still maintains approval rights is holding out. Trout feels the image of Bunny-Buddy is being compromised as the toy company merges with a larger company. Therefore, he is asking for much more than Pierce is offering.

Meanwhile, Legal Services co-worker, Barbara Ludzinski, begs Nick to defend her son, Russell, who was arrested for drug possession. The case takes a tragic turn as one of Russell's friends dies of an overdose from the same batch of "ecstasy" that was found in Russell's car. Nick advises Russell to give up the name of the dealer to save himself but it is obvious that Russell is trying to protect someone. At the same time, James Mooney, who has taken on some of Nick's extra tenant cases, is caught by surprise when he discovers one of his clients, Erik Nilson, publishes a "white pride" magazine out of his apartment. Nilson's landlord tries to get him evicted on several grounds but Mooney, who believes in a person's right to fair representation, defends him each time.

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