The Guardian- Season One

Episode: 10

Production #: 110

First Air Date: December 11, 2001

Writer: David Hollander

Director: Arvin Brown

Guest Stars:

Lamya Jezek as Salaam Hassam
Bernard White as Amahd Hassan
James B. Sikking as ?
Wendy Moniz as Louisa "Lulu" Archer
Robert Joy as Larry Hines
Chris Heuisler as Perry Hudson
Kate Fuglei as Mimi Hudson
Tony Pasqualini as ?
Annie Abbott as ?
Dan Martin as ?
John Benjamin Hickey as ?

Fan Rating: 10/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


The harsh reality of racism against Muslims is the issue in Nick Fallin's most recent case for Legal Services. The parents of Perry Hudson, a young Caucasian male, are suing Ahmad Hassan, a Middle-Eastern restaurant owner, for assault and battery. Ahmad broke Perry's hand with a bat after Perry vandalized and broke into Ahmad's restaurant. Nick suggests that Ahmad counter with charges of a hate crime but Ahmad hesitates due to the trouble it may bring. Then, the case takes on a new twist when Nick discovers that Ahmad's daughter, Salaam, had recently broken off a relationship with Perry. Now the question becomes: was this crime motivated by hate or love? Meanwhile, loyalties at Fallin & Assoc. are tested as one of the long-time partners, Larry Hines, leaves the firm for one of Burton's biggest competitors, Kirk & McGee. Larry not only attempts to steal clients but also tries poaching the associates at Fallin & Assoc., including Nick.

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