The Guardian- Season One
Mothers of the Disappeared

Episode: 18

Production #: 118

First Air Date: March 26, 2002

Writer: David Hollander & Michael R. Perry

Director: Steve Robman

Guest Stars:

Katherine Chalfant as Laurie Solt
Gerry Becker as Judge Stanton
Kathy Baker as Janine McGregor
Johnny Lewis as Ted
Martha Hackett as ?
Earl Billings as ?
Christopher John Fields as ?
Denise Dowse as Judge Rebecca Damsen
Jillian Peterson as ?
Robin Karfo as Judge Lowe
Mark Robman as ?

Fan Rating: 9/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


When a mother of a missing child shows up in Nick Fallin's office at Legal Services, he finds himself in the middle of an emotional struggle for closure and justice. Prior to the disappearance of her daughter Grace, Janine McGregor was in a car accident with her for which they were awarded a large settlement. However, since Grace has been missing for 10 years, the insurance company will not release the money.

After years of searching for her daughter, Janine believes her only chance to get the money she so desperately needs is to have Grace declared deceased. However, just as a judge is about to sign off on the declaration, Grace unexpectedly reappears saying she had been kidnapped and taken to Europe. Nick encourages Janine to take the necessary steps to verify Grace's identity. However, with nothing but her gut feeling, Janine is convinced that the girl who has returned claiming to be her daughter is really her "Gracie."

Meanwhile, Nick and Burton Fallin are faced with the death of a close friend and colleague, Judge Stanton. He was a long-time friend of Burton's and was the judge who presided over Nick's probation. His passing causes Burton to re-evaluate his life and his accomplishments as a lawyer.

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